Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Lupine Logic

The New Hampshire air was cool and crisp and sunny; it felt great to be alive!

The Sunshine Club met in our new room again and we loved it.

Alton, New Hampshire Senior Center Director, Roney, (pronounced, "row NAY") even moved the shelving unit that is tucked inside the storage closet so that we may store our Marjory-donated ironing board right there. Yeay!!! Bev gave us our iron, thank you both!

We had hilarious moments as Mary, Bev, and Diane struggled to pull apart stuck fast layers of batting that had been sprayed with adhesive and stored stacked together.

That stuff was strong!

Nobody could keep a straight face as we howled with laughter at the dilemma.

Sue, seen below, brought in a lovely armload of quilting books for the start of our lending library. Thanks, Sue!

I was delighted to be presented with the finished raffle quilt that Sue and Mary had both worked on the hand hemming of the binding. Thank you, Ladies, you did a beautiful job on it!

Even Jody, below right, came in to visit The Sunshine Club and she became an official Quilt Holder. Atta girl!

We passed out chocolate nuggets to chomp on and I presented my best tips and techniques for doing a French Fold Binding.

 I give all the credit to Sharon Schambers' 3 Part video, "Binding The Angel". Link.

My newest funny tee-shirt reads, "A Fat Quarter Is Not A Body Part." I even demonstrated how a fat quarter is different from a running or straight cut quarter of fabric.

This was the raspberry bias plaid that I used for the demonstration. It was lost, then found, then lost, then found again during one 24 hour period. I kept putting it in a safe place.

I think that it will go nicely on my Easy Hourglass quilt that was done via the Missouri Star Quilt Company's video. Link.

It was recently quilted by me at Ellen Peters' studio in Laconia, New Hampshire, where I am blessed to be able to rent time on her longarm.

Here's Ellen, below, helping me to get it ready.

I tried doing that feathered half circle with mixed results, but the quilt is done. "Done is better than perfect!", as we Stashbusters are wont to say.

My thread was a variegated pink and brown thread on top, with an antique tan underneath. Ellen found it for me and it was just right.

Thank you, Ellen, for all your nurturing and support to my quilting!

As I grew more tired, my feather/flowers seemed to grow more lacy.

Exhausted, I'd take a quick break and hit Ellen's Private Reserve at the Chocolate Bar. Calorie-up, yon quilters!!!

The jar on the left is all York Peppermint Patties, YUM!

This quilt also had a pieced backing of a couple of bland ecru selections, cobbled together by me.

Soon the hourglass quilt was an 80" by 80" twin or full size quilt that Ellen's sidekick, Roseanne, was graciously helping me to dismount from the big rollers of the longarm machine. Thank you, Roseanne!

Thank you for taking my picture, too. Three grueling hours on the clock and it's quilted!

Quiltmaking is my passion. But I also made time today to visit with my West Coast niece, her daughter, and her husband who came to see us on their way to my sister Suzanne's house.

I'm honored that they chose to include Felix and me on their tour, and we wish them safe travels.

I hope that when I have passed away from this world, others will be cheered as they drive by the once-barren waste land beside Route 140, where I have planted hardy perennial lupines, now lush with blooms.

They continue to fill in on the steep embankment, too dangerous to mow due to the tractor-tipping angle of the slope.

Make a quilt block, plant a flower, pet a kitty, call a friend, feed the dog, lead a prayer; these are the things that I can do to bring riches to my spirit.

Happy quilting!


Janet O. said...

An absolutely delightful post--the Lupines, the laughter, the t-shirt, the wisdom, the chocolate. It is all classic Vic and I love it!
Your raffle quilt turned out lovely!
The binding fabric (giggled at the "safe place" story) is perfect for your hourglass quilt. I have to say, your feathers are much nicer than my early attempts!!

Tammy Hutchinson said...

I'm so glad you ae having fun Vic! Our Senior Center is also the host for our guild's meetings and sew alongs, and we too have a closet, with iron and ironing board and lots of fun donated fabric.

cityquilter grace said...

very pretty colors in that hourglass quilt vic...i don't see a lot of that dark red that is your fave...this has a softer look...and ah lupines, sooo pretty

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