Sunday, June 5, 2016

Gallivantin' At The Mothership

Yesterday was perfect weather for Sue to drive me up to "The Mothership," also known as Keepsake Quilting's Retail Store in Center Harbor, New Hampshire.

We got there early and found that there were already crowds of ladies and an occasional gentleman in a feeding frenzy around the scrap boxes.

It was the last day of the Keepsake Quilting two day Annual Tent Sale and we all were earnestly shopping until we dropped.

Sue has done scientific research, refolding last year's scrap bags, and had proved to me that the strategy of folding scraps, rather than rolling scraps, is superior. Here is Sue with me as we folded.

The rules of the scrap bags are simple but they are sacred. You may click on any picture to enlarge it.

We decided to sit and fold our scraps until the huge line to get into the tent had subsided a bit, then we took turns guarding our precious real estate in a chair of The Veranda.

Even inside the tent, it was crowded enough to need lots of, "Excuse me's" to get over to the yardage bolts and the cutting tables.

I found 3 different bolts of Civil War neutrals, and laughed at the one-yard minimum, getting 7 yards total, 2 yards each, but then finished off the bolt of one of them for an extra yard.

The bolts inside the tent were marked half off their regular retail prices from the store, but due to it being the last day of the sale, an additional 20% off was taken at the register at checkout.

Then there was the line for the checkout, a two-part waiting game; once on the porch, and then again, inside the store.

My wait was about 20 to 30 minutes total, and Sue had gotten through it earlier for a shorter wait-time.

There were very cheerful and friendly wait-staff everywhere! They were monitoring both ends of the lines, answering questions, passing out the regulation sized plastic scrap bags, and working in teams at both the cutting tables and the three cashier stations.

Deb Comeau, the friendly manager of the Keepsake Quilting retail store, did a fine job of being available and pitching in wherever she might ever be needed. Great sale, Deb!!!!

The Black Forest sliced turkey and salami sandwiches that I had made carefully with no mayonnaise, only Nance's mustard, had gotten pretty well baked in the heat of Sue's parked car. We were so hungry that we ate them anyway and called them Panini! Next year, the cooler!

As for my loot, it was under $100 and over Sue's total by $3. We both did well!

I had 6 heavy scrap bags and the yardage from the tent, too. My free gifts from the yarn shop table was an ecru skein of 80% French wool and a nice free knitting book.

So my total came to $69.48, and I had that much's worth of entertainment just going and being part of all the excitement, LOL!

As for Miss Tanner? She didn't really give a damn but she objected to my having disturbed her nap.

Happy Quilting!


cityquilter grace said...

wow...quite a haul there....still worth it at 6.99 per bag no for me, had to order another bookcase for what i already have, so even tho i knew it would be fun, not sorry i didn't make it...

Jayna Sewell said...

You are so lucky to live close to Keepsake Quilting! Those sales sound great! Ms. Tanner must be like my kitties, they only want to nap in peace.

Janet O. said...

Thanks for the vicarious experience, Vic. Was it really a year ago that I was there, and with a new little baby in our arms?
I am definitely a folder, too. I swear by it--along with Sue. And we were told by the helpful staff last year that if you clip a tiny hole in the corner of the bag you can force more fabric in as the air gets forced out that corner. Seemed to work for us. : )
What a great haul! Wish I could have joined you!!

Wendy Caton Reed said...

You're brave! I've never attended this sale. Just too scary!

Feathers in my Nest said...

Wow..nice haul. You have such good taste my Dear.
I've only been to their tent sale twice..need to get back up there next year.

gayle said...

Ah, the Mothership. Such memories...
Looks like you made a terrific haul! Hurrah for future projects!

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