Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Block Drive

The Orlando Modern Quilt Guild is holding a block drive for 10½" Heart blocks. Link.
These are for quilts for the victims and families of the Orlando Massacre.

Heart Block

Two red 10½" by 5½" rectangles.
Two white 5½" by 5½" large squares
Four white 2" by 2"  small squares

"Snowball" (a.k.a. flippy corners) the four upper corners of both of the rectangles with the little squares. 
Then "snowball" the large squares onto the lower end of the rectangles, being careful to make mirror images. 
I chose to sew the second seam on the large squares to yield a bonus HST for another project. 
Sew the center seam and press. Final heart block should measure 10½".

I forgot to take a photo of the block with the final seam sewn before I mailed mine out this afternoon.

In other news, I've been hand hemming the hourglass quilt but it's slow going, LOL! My tee shirt reads, "My favorite cookie is more cookies!"

Sue was a little nervous about learning Free Motion Quilting on her Singer Simple machine with the Singer Stippling Foot that I had found for her. 

We managed to get it correctly installed and set the stitch length at zero to drop the feed dogs.

Soon she was off and running, making circles the size of quarters, then smaller ones, then some squares and an "L".

It was all on a practice sandwich of two Fat Quarters and a batting scrap.

She did really great and I hope that she will feel encouraged to do more!

Mary, seen below, brought in her cute-as-a-button toy poodle coat that she had made at home for her dog. Nice work, Mary!

What I loved hearing was that the hand hemming stitch that I'd taught Mary on binding a quilt was what she used for finishing the details on the dog coat. Yeay!

Back at home, I managed to complete a couple of star blocks.

Then I made up another leader/ender pinwheel block.

There were some HST's that were sewn and pressed for those Jewel Box blocks.

Then I sewed and pressed a couple of the Jewel Boxes.

There are a few repeats but I like them.

Then I needed some more 4-patches.

Felix insisted that it was a beautiful day and that I should go with him to buy a few odds and ends of gardening supplies at the Ocean State Job Lot store in Concord, New Hampshire.

I went and had a great time singing in the car with him, and while there, I bought this one-and-only leftover Mouse Ear Coreopsis. I love it!

Lastly, I forgot to mention that I picked up and paid for ten baby Ameraucana chicks for Ilse, my dear friend and neighbor. These are an early present for her 84th birthday on August 7th.

They were all horrified to be photographed by the paparazzi.

Happy quilting!


Janet O. said...

Look at all the good you have done here--the heart block, teaching FMQ, teaching the hand hemming stitch, singing happily along as you accompanied Felix, getting chicks for Ilse--and all of the beautiful blocks you made along the way! Must feel very good!

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Oh my goodness, do I love baby chicks. What a treat! And thank you for the heart block link. I will get one out ASAP.

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