Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Pretty Neutrals

There were some fun doings at the Friday Quilters With Claire at the Golden Gese Quilt Shop on 22 Liberty Street, in Concord, New Hampshire. Here's Maureen with her top all finished! Nice work!

This was the Rhombus Quilt from Missouri Star Quilt Company's free pattern video. Link.
Bev and Maureen, seen below, are both making that one.

Here's Beverly's edition that is well started and coming along just great!

Sue was working on a patriotic version of the very popular Fold'N'Stitch Wreath pattern. Link.

Although it is not a free pattern, Sue said that the instructions do require your alert attention to details.

As for me, I got a pair of pillowcases ready to stitch and trimmed up my Easy Hourglass quilt.

The pillowcases always look great if they are line-dried from the wash; then they really don't need ironing. The tutorial is at the top of the page if you'd like it.

The Tuesday Sunshine Club was in full swing for a demonstration that I presented for showing how to sew a quilt binding onto the front of the quilt, but I totally forgot to ask someone to get a picture of it, sorry.

We had fun and we chomped some chocolates, noting that, as the warmer weather increases, we needed an open window.

The very best part of the whole class was to greet our sewing buddy, Joyce, who has been recovering from brain surgery in Boston. Welcome home, Joyce!

Joyce and Mary were admiring the now-finished raffle quilt that they helped to make.

Also, I have had a special request from my dear friend and fellow stashbuster, Grace, now from Maryland, to please display the Civil War neutrals from the Mothership sale.

"The Mothership," as I affectionately refer to Keepsake Quilting's retail store in Center Harbor, New Hampshire, had an additional 20% off of the prices that you see above on the cashier notes from the cutting desk.

I have never tired of all the delicate details of the Civil War era reproduction fabrics!

Each one is uniquely beautiful.

The last is the best; a Barbara Brackman for Moda in my beloved hand-sprayed tinted tans.

More modern fabric designs seem crude, garish, or blurry to me. But, to each her own!

Mr. Tipper likes the bright Kelly greens of summer. Hey, shady cat!

Buy what you love and sew on it rather than to hoard it for something special! Live for today.

Sew like the wind!


cityquilter grace said...

thanks for showing those neutrals...oooh i love them all...i think the last one, the barbara brackman, is my fave, although grant park is nice too..i have some of that also but not that neutral i don't think...but plenty of other pieces of that line...nice selection!

Jeanne said...

I always enjoy reading about your quilting adventures!

What WONDERFUL advice:
Buy what you love and sew on it rather than to hoard it for something special! Live for today.

gayle said...

Gorgeous fabrics on parade, from the projects of you and your friends, to your newest acquisitions!
I love all the fabrics - from CW repros to the wildest Kaffe Fasset. And I'll cheerfully combine them in the same quilt, too!

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