Saturday, June 11, 2016

Cool Progress!

The dang deer ate two of my four rhododendron bushes. The poor things are still alive but struggling.

This is the other bush that was close enough to my front door to not be molested. It is in it's glory!

Husband Wonderful taught me that the definition of "penultimate" is the next to the last, or second from the top.

So you may be quite bored with seeing any more of my "penultimate"16-block run of Mile-A-Minute Log Cabin blocks in scrappy Civil War reproduction fabrics, but here it is!

One more run to go! Wheee! That's 9 runs of 16 blocks to make 144 total that I need.

In the meantime, I did visit The Golden Gese quilt shop on 22 Liberty Street in Concord, New Hanpshire where the Friday Quilters had gathered.

Sue and Claire, seen below, were admiring Sue's and Maureen's wreaths from the fold n stitch pattern. Link.

These Patriotic Wreaths are just in time for the Fourth of July! So impressive! Below is Sue's wreath.

Maureen's wreath, below, hasn't gotten its buttons yet, but it looks great just as it is!

Claire was adding the last row onto her lovely "Summer In The Park" top. So pretty, it looks like an ice cream sorbet in those light batiks! Link.

Sue was working on her "Storytellers" Block Of the Month quilt by Nancy Gere of Windham. Oh my, what tiny pieces!

Maureen is also working on her Storytellers with a different block. Nicely done, Maureen!

Maureen and Beverly, seen below, were also admiring the neat Christmas fabrics that Maureen bought to do her next wreath. Can't wait to see it, it will be gorgeous!

Soon it was lunch time and we all admired Beverly's choice of the Taco Salad from the Washington Street Cafe, in Concord, New Hampshire.

Now that's two meals, easily! Wow, all this for $8! Link.

As for me, I worked a little on hand hemming my binding on the Easy Hourglass quilt made in the "Edith" Civil War reproduction era fabric layer cake by Mary Koval for Windham. Link.

When I got home to Park Hill Farm, I enjoyed seeing my annuals thriving in containers! The cuttings of the red geraniums are sporting tiny new growth of infant leaves, so that I know that they are rooted. Hooray!

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Happy sewing!


gayle said...

I hope your rhododendrons recover! Those pesky deer!
And I'll never get tired of looking at your log cabins. 8)

Janet O. said...

Those poor bushes. Good thing you still have one you can enjoy!
LOVE the patriotic wreaths. Very nice.
Your hourglass quilt looks warm and wonderful. : )

Cathy said...

If the bushes are big enough hang stinky soap like Irish Spring in the bushes as a deer repellent. That's what I do...kind of make soap on a rope for deer.

Who would ever get tired of Log Cabins of any kind?

You always look like you are all having such fun.

Kate said...

Such fun projects! Your log cabin blocks are looking good. Sounds like you are nearing the end.

em's scrapbag said...

Good things going on at the shop. I think your log cabin blocks are great!

Anonymous said...

Sorry- I had to laugh, the deer ate plants! Your quilt group look like a lot of fun and your log cabin is beautiful

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