Monday, June 20, 2016

A Winner!

The first day of Summer has come roaring in with a full moon and 90° temperatures. Thank goodness that the air is dry with relatively low humidity! Can you find the Swallowtail?

Today I received a beautiful gift from Julie K in Texas. It was for being a participant in her sew along called Log Cabin Lunacy. Thank you, thank you!! These scissors are what she sent and they are perfect for my binding kit bag to clip my thread off the spool. Thanks, Julie! Check out her blog here. Link.

 My Log Cabin Lunacy is progressing very nicely. Here is last night's round.

Love that above cheddar, which I think is Paula Barnes?

And, above is a bright chrome yellow from Marcus Brothers Textiles, right next to a beautiful Barbara Brackman floral on a navy background.

I am such a Civil War fabric snob. Mind you, not a people snob, but definitely a fabric snob.

Only two more rounds of darks and then I'll press them nice and flat with my Stashbuster's Secret Recipe of rose-scented starch.

Husband Wonderful pulled a name out of his hat to be the winner of my Summer Giveaway and it was Cathy L. in Iowa!!!! Congratulations, Cathy! Cathy's blog  is here: Link.

And thank you to everybody who shared their money saving ideas here on my June 6th blog entry comments. Cathy won these FQ's and I'll mail  them to you soon. That means when it drops below 90°, LOL!

Who can quilt in this heat? Yikes, whenever I look at the national weather map on the news, it looks like a picture of Hell.

Nevermind, stay cool with this image from my driveway.

Why did I name my driveway, "Easy Street" you may ask? Just reverse the hill and slide up!

Linking up  to Julie K's Log Cabin Lunacy. Link.

Stay calm and quilt on!


cityquilter grace said...

lovely giveaway and lucky recipient! aaahhh 92 degrees here but low humidity so tolerable, a/c is going tho...your log cabins are stacking up nicely!

Nann said...

Happy solstice from the shores of Lake Superior! Congratulations to Cathy L!

Janet O. said...

A fun little surprise in the mail. That Julie is such a sweetheart!
You do know your CW repros. I knew I had that cheddar, so I had to go check the selvage to see if it was really Paula Barnes. I wasn't convinced. *LOL* You nailed it.
Oh, that snow looks good right now!

Cathy said...

Thanks! Give your Husband Wonderful a big smooch from me! I'll be waiting for below 90 temps!

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Sorry to hear about your heat wave! It is still fairly cool here on the coast, but I long for that wonderful white stuff. I know I am strange but my favorite season is winter!

Preeti Harris said...

The log cabin blocks are lovely. Look forward to many more of these blocks. Yes, it is hot and it was over 100 degrees in India. So glad to be back. Thank you for your comment on my mom's quilt.

Caryl W said...

enjoying the fun log cabin blocks....

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