Friday, June 24, 2016

Log Cabin Progress

Cool, dry air has dominated northern New England this week and made it very pleasant.

I've done some happy shopping for new quilting cottons, both online and in person.

These are some of my picks from, Link where I scored a lovely large scale forest green paisley by Jo Morton and some Civil War neutrals, too.

These are the neutrals, below; Heritage Reds by Paula Barnes for Marcus Brothers Textiles.

Then, on Thursday, I went down to East Rochester, New Hampshire, to Footprints Quilt Shoppe, where Cindy took good care of me.

It was great fun to view all the new pretty little quilts on display in the shoppe!

Each one made me think of my dear friend, Janet, who makes amazing miniature quilts. Here is the link to her blog so that you can see what I mean! Link.

You may click to enlarge any photo.

I had to feed my positively insatiable appetite for Civil War backgrounds and neutrals.

Kelly, the shop's owner was busy teaching a class, but I raided her scrap bins and neutral displays to find some neat stuff!

Back at home, I did turn the iron on and pressed the last run of 16 Log Cabin blocks, YEAY!!!!!

They look so crisp, all pressed and starched and pretty!

Then, today, when I was at The Golden Gese Quilt Shop on 22 Liberty Street on Concord, New Hampshire, I got a big surprise!

The gals there were inspired to make some blocks for the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild's block drive. Thank you, thank you! Here's Madison, holding the block that she made, above.

Eleanor, Marianne, Heidi, Claire, Lil' Claire, and Madison all worked on blocks and finished them to add to our mailing envelope. Thank you, ladies!!!

The best photo of these blocks is this group of three generations of quilting women; Claire, her daughter, Lil' Claire, and her daughter, Madison, all holding up their blocks. Way to go!!!

On the Log Cabin front, I did some work with those 144 Log Cabin blocks that were all neatly stacked together.

I had a photo of a quilt that was made by a gal that I've never met in person, but who has often inspired me with her quilts, "Cheryl in Iowa."

When she posted her quilt's picture, I asked about its origin. Cheryl emailed me that the layout is credited to Judy Martin, and I was smitten by it. Cheryl thought that the design harkens back to traditional folk quilting.

Can you see the two "extra" blocks above in the foreground? The quilt is so large that those two wouldn't fit even on shop owner Nancy's giant layout table. Whew!

It was grueling work to lay these blocks out, both physically and mentally. The design was so large and complex that I often got "lost" as to where I was on the placement diagram photo of Cheryl's quilt.

After I had the eight inch blocks spread out, photographed, and I was pretty sure that they were all oriented correctly, I began picking them all up in careful, orderly rows. Labeled rows, that is!

Maureen's foam-wrapped dowel stick was invaluable for this project to push blocks around. Thank you, Maureen!

Soon they were all stacked and placed in a bag for safe transport home.

I'm so pleased with my progress on this project. It took me 2½ hours to get this layout done and I was exhausted afterwards. I'm still able to change the layout, but I think I like this one.

But I'm also very pleased to be charged with the care of these lovely Hearts To Help blocks for the victims and families of the Orlando Massacre. If you wish to send a few blocks, here is the link. Link.

It was an all-around great day!

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Happy quilting!


cityquilter grace said...

excellent log cabin layout have certainly progressed a lot in your quilting since we first met, vic...and gorgeous neutrals as usual...kelly does have an adorable shop!

Janet O. said...

Great fabric finds! Love the paisley.
Oh, little quilts!! You have my number, Vic. : )
Your log cabin quilt is going to be scrumptious! That is a really nice layout--and it does look like a lot of work!

Cheryl said...

Ohhhh....I'm "famous" in your blog today! Thanks for your nice mention. Your log cabin is going to be beautiful, your lights have more interest than the lights in my stash. I did chuckle a little about joy of laying it out. So easy to lose the pattern. I love making the blocks when I am between projects and since I have a good stack I must be "between" a lot!
Can't hardly wait to see yours finished.

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Great progress on your log cabin. I like the layout you plan on using. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

Cathy said...

Wow...that layout would tire me out too. That's going to be one awesome quilt.

Thanks for the heart reminder. I've been thinking I need to get some made and sent off without further delay. And yay for Madison getting involved. Looks like she sewed her little heart out!

And, mention of chomping chocolate? Hmmm....

And I LOVE your T-shirt. I laughed out loud last time I saw you in it and was laughing again just now. Had to explain it to hubby who has no idea what a FQ happens to be so the joke was lost on him.

Panto Pam said...

Love your log cabin blocks! What method are you using to make them? I see you are chain piecing the blocks onto a long strip of fabric. Are you using some type of ruler to square things up? Civil War prints are my favorite, besides 1930's.

straythreads said...

Really love the log cabin quilt and great layout sure hope you keep everything in order!!have a great weekend

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