Thursday, June 23, 2016

Raspberry Romance

Tuesday was my sewing group, The Sunshine Club, over at the Alton, New Hampshire Senior Center and we had a good time!

Diane had finished up her beachy colors quilt with all the pretty seashells. Nice work, Diane!

Marjory joined us a bit late and was adding to her Pink Yo-yo Pillow top to make it big enough to fit the form that she'd bought for it. You go, girl!

Mary got some string quilt blocks trimmed, good job, Mary!

I had brought in some of the kits that I'd made for everybody to make up some Hearts to Help quilt blocks and below you can see Bev is choosing hers, and Sue is sewing one in the background.

Our Senior Center director asked me to take some pictures of the group's string quilt to be raffled off and here is what I took for her.

The quilt is 60" by 80", a nice twin or a couch potato throw.

This is the label that I made and stitched on to the back. Click on it to enlarge the picture.

While I had the sunny day out at the clothesline, I also took some snapshots of my now-finished quilt, Raspberry Romance. It is 76" by 76" and was made from a Missouri Star Quilt Company video called Easy Hourglass. Link.

The quilting was done at Ellen Peters' quilt studio in Laconia, New Hampshire. Thank you to Ellen for all her help loading and unloading the quilt and winding and refilling bobbins!

Also, thank you to Nancie V. from Austin, Texas, a fellow Stashbuster, who taught me how to do this quilting pattern by showing pictures over the internet. Thanks, Nancie!

It's sort of a half-feathered spiral and was challenging enough for me.

The backing was pieced from a couple of internet purchases and Ebay scores that I cobbled together.

The quilt needs a label, but it is done and I'm very pleased with it!

I hope you can stay cool and quilt on!


straythreads said...

love the string quilt and your Raspberry Romance!! nice job on the machine quilting

cityquilter grace said...

sooo pretty raspberry romance....some lucky person will be delighted with it no doubt...

Janet O. said...

I love the name raspberry romance!

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Oh that Raspberry Romance is delicious!

Cathy said...

Raspberry Romance is the perfect name for it. Gosh, aren't you getting daring with your quilting. I just love it.

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