Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Flag Day

Our Flag is still at half mast for the victims and families of the brutal jihadist attack in Orlando, Florida. Our nightly prayers go out to the families, victims, and first responders as our nation struggles to cope.

Many thanks to all those nameless blood donors who stood in lines for hours to give blood.

Many thanks to Chick Fil A who sent food and water free of charge to those blood donors.

Many thanks to Jet Blue, who have offered free flights to the bereaved family members to be able to attend funeral services for their loved ones.

Many thanks to Marcus Brothers Textiles, Link, who are donating a free "love" red fat quarter to any quilter who will make heart blocks to send to the Orlando Quilt Guild for the victims and families. Link.

Other countries overseas often misunderstand us, but we know who we are as a nation.

God bless America!

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