Thursday, July 28, 2016

Friends and Fabrics

Yes, it's still kinda hot outside but I have some stuff to show you. Like in my hallway, I put up one of those huge office store pads with a one inch light blue grid on it. I use my Sharpie fine point marker to doodle a few quilting designs before actually FMQ on fabric.

Most of these were all suggested by Mary Johnson over at, thank you, Mary!! Link.

Having done some practice drawings to train my brain, I spray basted a couple of FQ's to some batting scraps to make a mini quilt sandwich.

This will just be a "Cat Mat", a bit of bound and quilted cloth to throw into the bottom of the cat carrier when transporting a cat or small dog to the veterinarian's office. They wash like rags and it's a good thing!

If you try these, be sure to put the light side up as you are quilting it so that you can see where you are going with the design. You can click on any picture to enlarge it to see better.

Also, I had an incident of a too-long toenail on Miss Emma Lynne. She hates to have me trim them and I hate to make her miserable by doing it. So they occasionally get way too long.

Her toenail ripped the top layer of her Cheapy Chinese Knock Off futon quilt. Ask me why I buy these now for her use.

Being that I still love the quilt even though it only came from Walmart, I had to mend it.

A scrap of a neutral strip from that wonderful box from my friend Teresa in Texas was perfect! Thank you again, Reesie!

Here is the same spot on the quilt after I scribbled a bunch of FMQ on top of the little patch.

There were two other tiny holes that just required stitching over them with no patch at all. But when I went to photograph the mends, it was hard to find them, they were so well blended to the quilt.

Love that Cornsilk colored cotton thread from India by Connecting Threads! Their Tea Dyed Essential Thread is a pretty light color, too. Link.

I think that I'd told you that I'd gotten all my binding prepared for that big log cabin.

This is coming along nicely!

I bit the bullet and finally stopped procrastinating on the task of machine sewing it onto the front of the quilt.

That Paula Barnes designed R&B Tavern red from Marcus Brothers Textiles looks wonderful. With their heavy beefy cotton base cloth, it will wear like iron!

But horsing that big 98" by 98" quilt around was very taxing. I think I'm getting old.

No pictures of me hand hemming it yet, but I'm slow stitching along on it.

Yesterday's mail made me howl with delight!

My very, very dear friend, Grace, had sent me a cute fridge magnet that she saw at Quilt Odyssey in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Oh, thank you, Grace!!

Why, you ask?

This next picture is from my stash-crowded living room where Grace has politely sipped her Diet Pepsi and ignored my mess.

Stash Management Flunkie, Summa Cum Laude!

Also, back on Tuesday, my very dear friend, Maureen, stopped by while I was out gallavanting. She left me this gorgeous gift of a sewing machine mat with pockets! It's by Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Company. Link.

She even freehand embroidered my name on it in my beloved favorite color, RED! Look at that!!

I love those Civil War reproduction fabrics by Barbara Brackman. The whole thing was a big surprise and I love it. Thank you, Maureen! She also mailed me the latest Burger King coupons from the Sunday newspaper, Yippee!

Isn't that pocket material that same Jo Morton for Andover? You know, the one on the backing too, that we were recently talking about? With the stylized feather motif? Janet will know!

Well, I hope that you are staying cool enough to enjoy some sewing and quilting! I'm surrounded by friends and fabric; it's heavenly.

Happy sewing!


cityquilter grace said...

vic i do believe that living room pile has GROWN since i last i am glad i got that magnet for applies to ALL of us tho...great mending job! quilters do have to mend occasionally....and i love your sewing machine mat. a bit envious as mine doesn't have my name on it are sure blessed!

justducky65 said...

Love your posts first of all! Secondly, is that fabric from your online shopping or are there swaps among all those packages?! I fell of the no-fabric-buying wagon this last month after 9 months of not buying, and I felt guilty, but now I am thinking I was really tame compared to your pile. LOL Oh,and I can totally relate to the dog not wanting a pedicure. We have a dog that would like to eat my face every time I trim his nails. Keep on keepin' on!

Janet O. said...

Nice job on the cat mat. That is a clever way to practice FMQ.
Like you, I have some very old quilts that probably should be tossed--they have been mended repeatedly, but I can't seem to let them go. : )
That red binding looks so good on your log cabin quilt.
My goodness, woman, you've ordered a little fabric there. *LOL* Looks like Grace nailed it with the magnet!
And, yes, my friend, that is the same Jo Morton fabric we had talked about recently.

gayle said...

Oh, my goodness, at that stack of stash! Think of all the lovely quilts that will bloom out of that!

Feathers in my Nest said...

Yes, Vic, that is definitely a Jo Morton neutral as I have bunches of her neutrals in my stash!...You have such wonderful thoughtful are very blessed.
That pile kind of looks the same to me, but it could have grown a bit...I'd have to see it up close again..We all Love you Victoria no matter what your LR looks like...Oh, that binding is beautiful! and perfect too.
Regards to Felix.

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