Saturday, July 16, 2016

Waxing Philosophic

There is much sadness in the world lately. During this week there were three horrific events; there were officers slain in a racial hate crime in Dallas, Texas, there were civilians mowed down by a radical Muslim terrorist in a large truck in Nice, France, and there was a bloody failed coup d'etat in Ankara, Turkey.

My quilting sometimes seems irrelevant to the violence and chaos that others must bear.

Stay aware.

Pray if you can.

Quilt if you feel like it.

Most of all, tune in to goodness and mercy and beauty.

Appreciate little miracles around you.

Seek the company of like-minded people.

Perhaps staying positive is the strongest thing that we can do in the world.
Thank you!


Janet O. said...

Very nice post, Vic. Words of wisdom.
So much senseless violence, it can get depressing. Your quilting is relevant if it keeps you positive and allows you to create happiness for you, someone you love, or someone in need.

helen said...

You found the right words, Vic!
Best wishes!

judyquilts said...

Good thoughts for us, Vic. We have to hold on the the positive.

Cathy said...

Good advice...sometimes difficult to follow like that "stay positive" part!!

Nann said...

Well stated, Vic. And, especially true for you in New Hampshire: "I lift up mine eyes to the hills. Whence cometh my help?" (Ps. 121)

P.S. A friend called her car Philosophical so she could chuckle as she waxed it!

Feathers in my Nest said...

Love you girlfriend! and your lovely post.

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