Sunday, September 4, 2016


For the first time in six weeks, Friday was cool enough for me to travel to The Golden Gese Quilt Shop  on 22 Liberty Street in Concord, New Hampshire.

Maureen was there and was working on a patriotic sashing strip star from Block Magazine by Missouri Star Quilt Company. Link.

Her Red, White, & Blue blocks do seem too yellowed in these photos. That probably means that my camera needs new batteries, sorry. A really bad photograph still beats all text to a visual person like me.

These were the "Oh My Stars" ten inch squares by Dover Hill for Benartex and they look great with the indigo solids in the sashing. No, that's not black!

Miss Beverly was hard at work doing the piecing for her Nancy Gere "Storytellers" Block of the Month medallion top.

The pieces are so pretty for this, and very accurately made, too. Sew, Bev, sew!

Little Claire, below, had just finished a really cool baby quilt and she showed it here. Love that coordinating border!

Her friend, whose name I missed, so sorry, had come to sew with us and finished this super pretty pinwheels quilt. Good job!

As for me, I was playing "Quilter's Roulette" again by cutting yardage for borders without previously figuring out all the math before cutting.

"I think that there's enough to do 6½" cuts.", I mumbled to myself. I'm not really sure if I'm pretty good at guess-timating or if I'm incredibly lucky, but, either way, I made it work.

Maureen helped me to both measure, fold, and photograph this now-completed 85" square top. Thank you, Maureen!

The colors are not my beloved Civil War reproductions due to it having been a long languishing UFO. I rescued it from the rockpile.

This was from my brights and florals period, about four years ago or more. I'm  still a sucker for a pretty Robyn Pandolf.

I have another orphan that I rescued to introduce to you, that is not quilty, but rather from the Green Thumb department.

One day last December, I happened to grab a shopping cart from the parking lot as I walked into my local Hannaford's grocery store in Alton, New Hampshire.

There was some trash in the cart, so I stopped at the wastebasket to throw the trash away. But amidst the dead water bottle and sales flyer debris, was a small piece of Christmas Cactus. The bracts looked unfrozen as yet in the outdoor frigid air.

I claimed it. I brought it home and potted it. I watered and fertilized it in it's sun drenched window. This week it looked like this.

I cheered! I was so happy that the cutting took and then grew to twice it's original size and then bloomed!

My dear friend Ilse, who has the greenest thumb of all, told me that it is actually a Thanksgiving Cactus if it is the fuchsia and white colored blossom.

She always says to water via the "fingertip test," to determine if the soil is moist or dry, and then water the plant accordingly.

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Happy sewing!


cityquilter grace said...

2 very nice adoptees....and your quilt is pretty even if not strictly repro...good for you for finishing it up! and guesstimating? i always do that when cutting for bias bindings...and often it works out right!

Janet O. said...

I really like the star sashing on the 10" squares.
Your finish is wonderful. I have a little Robin Pandolph here and there myself. : )
Two good rescues! I've had a cactus for almost 10 months now--have no idea what color. Wasn't blooming when I bought it on clearance and it still hasn't bloomed. I used to grow these all the time and have great success with the blooms. I obviously don't have your green thumb. : )
Sweetie is lucky to have such a good temporary home!

gayle said...

Well done on both your rescues!
That's a lovely top you've finished! And thanks for the explanation - I was thinking, "hey, wait a minute! I don't remember anything about that one..."

Nann said...

Funny thing, when I was pulling fabric for this month's RSC I thought about Robyn Pandolph--more specifically that her designs aren't as prevalent as they were a few years ago......good for you for rescuing the quilt, and the dog, too!

Myra @ Busy Hands Quilts said...

Your quilt top is so pretty! Thanks for linking to Finished or not Friday.

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