Friday, September 15, 2017

Quilting at the Studio

Although the Friday quilters at The Golden Gese are not meeting today, I'm glad to share with you my Saturday quilting session at the Ellen Peters' studio.

Here's Ellen, loading up my Civil War log cabin.

This is the one that is the setting called, Sunshine & Shadows, although I've also heard it referred to as just Light & Dark.

After I had put on the piano key border, the top measured 72" square.

As you can see, I used a pretty antique tan quilting thread in both the top and the bobbin.

The quilting was my personal favorite, big loose freehand spirals. These are such fun to do, I'm just rolling along and humming a song!

It was a lovely day and not too hot and I think that I was done in about an hour, wheeeee!

Ellen had been cleaning and sorting out her vast library of quilting books and gave me this nice handful of duplicates and/or culls. Thank you, Ellen!

That is one of Ellen's cats, this one is named "Sparrow". He was looking on and enjoying my gift of a calico catnip mouse.

The backing of my quilt was made up of two short cuts of a Windham cream colored print. Looks nice, eh?

Earlier that day, I had made up and prepared my binding for this quilt. I used an older Jo Morton brown foulard called "Savannah."

When I got back home I was tired! But after a rest, I sewed the binding onto the quilt and was very pleased with myself.

Now I'm ready to work on the hand hemming of the binding for a while.

Fortunately, Husband Wonderful just replaced my bulb on my Ott light! Thank you, Honey!

Happy sewing!


Janet O. said...

Done in an hour? You have become quite proficient!
Always fun to benefit from someone else cleaning out their hoard, don't you think? Looks like some good books for browsing and inspiration.

*-* said...

How lucky to have the use of a machine quilter. That would make one very keen to get more tops done. It looks great, no wonder you are thrilled.

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