Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Steamy Times!

My goodness it is muggy! Tropical air from what was Hurricane Jose has traveled up the eastern seaboard and brought hot humidity right back to us here in New Hampshire. Ewwww!

I say, "Make it snow!", then everybody groans and says, "Oh, no!"

The Sunshine Club met today and we had fun chatting, quilting, and chomping a little chocolate.

Sue was sewing away joining up her sashings to her applique Winnie ther' Pooh blocks. They look so sweet!

This is Sue's first ever applique project and her work is beautifully done!

Meb had brought in some Half Square Triangle blocks in beautiful Civil War fabrics and she was trimming them to the perfect size.

Mary came in just very briefly for us to all wish her a very Happy Birthday, and I was grateful to her for snapping my picture. Here I am, hand hemming my Sunshine & Shadows log cabin.

Meanwhile, when I got home, I was thrilled to see that Husband Wonderful had baked this fabulous sugar free peach pie! Oh boy! Thanks, Honey!

Here's hoping that you can stay cool and comfy and sew on!

Happy sewing!


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Such an active productive group--so nice to see so many actively engaged

Wendy Caton Reed said...

I'm with you, make it snow!! What a fabulous husband to bake a pie! Yum!

cityquilter grace said...

looks delish that peach pie and you look fabulous as well!

Janet O. said...

I guess you can be grateful that mugginess was all you got from Jose, right? :)
All that quilty fun and peach pie to top it off. Sounds like a delightful day!

Annie said...

Meb's rotary mat looks like a real asset for the careful trimming of her HST's. Lots of productive work going on at the Sunshine Club in general! And your geraniums look so healthy - can you overwinter those in your climate?

Vic in NH said...

Point taken, dear readership, that I have no business whining about the weather amidst the news reports of so many folks stricken with disasters. There but for fortune go you or I.

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