Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Quick Diversion

One fun thing that I do for myself almost every month is to participate in an internet nickel swap group. We swap five inch pairs of squares. My June swap for florals just came in a couple of weeks ago with awesome fabrics. I liked them so much that I decided to use them for the upcoming quilted patchwork totebag workshop on August 6th. When I sent in my check, I received back a materials list that had some instructions on it too. So I got antsy and worked ahead on it last night. I made two matching panels and two four patches (for the inner pockets). I liked the look of lights alternated with the darks, most of which are black backgrounds.
For the handles, I wanted to use something that would not show everyday wear and tear, or dirt, so I went with the black with the red flowers and golden dragonflies. I have been hoarding this fabric for over a year which was when I spotted it at Keepsake Quilting in their sale area. Now this is the perfect time to use it!!!
The instructions want you to use the same fabric for the lining as the handles. But I want a very light colored fabric for inside the bag so you can SEE what's in there at the bottom!! I chose an ancient calico from the 70's from my stash. Geez, I've been a fabric-aholic for a very long time!
The supply list called for Pellon 987F fusable fleece. I special ordered it from Joann's but got 3 yards instead of the 1 1/2 yards called for in the directions. And I'm afraid to cut into it before the workshop. I'd like to make two bags; one for myself and one for the guild table at the October 2nd guild show. That is, if they come out nicely!!! Let's not get too far ahead of myself here.

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