Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Bologna Moment Brought to you by Puppy-Dad

Every morning, Felix (Puppy-Dad) gives out doggie vitamins and glucosamine tablets (which are for improved joint health) to our dogs. And then they get their bologna treat for the day, one slice each, cut up into pie-shaped wedges. Raven is very gentle; Luau is very greedy. If the "Bologna Moment" is late for some reason, we sure do hear about it from Luau, who becomes very vocal.

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JudyCinNC said...

Had to laugh - DH always did the same thing and our sweet Brady use to remind us - the older he got, the more he could tell time and would 'gently yelp' until someone got up and got the treats that went with the pills. How we miss our sweet boy. Our little Casey girl does not talk to us like that, she waits for us to remember. Judy C in NC

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