Monday, August 15, 2011

The Floral Totebag

The Saturday the 6th workshop was a big success! You may recall that I had already put together my 5" floral patches from my swap group. So I was ahead of the group.

As I drove to the workshop, my 1989 Mercury Marquis began acting strangely, with the check engine light that came on as well as the amp light and then I lost my power assist on my steering. There on route 11, a narrow winding road with no apron and cars behind me, I chose to drive on about half a mile to get to The Wise Owl Restaurant to be able to call home. I do not use a cell phone.

Husband Wonderful, Felix, and his trusty sidekick, Matthew, came immediately to rescue me. It was a glorious sunny day and when they popped my hood, they saw the broken fan belt that was the culprit. The guys loaded me and "Scottie", my Singer Featherweight, into the Mountaineer and drove me straight to the class. By the time I got there, I was an hour late, but was just even with the group because I had worked ahead.

My totebag was made from the florals in my swap group online and I was careful to chose a dark piece of yardage for the handles to not show the dirt when using the tote. Also, I made the deepest part of the lining a very light color to be able to see the bottom of the bag when rummaging around in there. I love the way it turned out!

By the way, by the time that the workshop had ended, Husband Wonderful had the car repaired and running like a top again! Yippee!


JCnNC said...

I am really chuckling over the post this morning - I drive a 1988 Oldsmobile and will NOT give it up and we have a pre-paid cell phone for emergencies only so never take it with us unless traveling. Seems we definitely have the same mine set. LoL I loved your tote bag. It turned out beautiful. Judy C in NC

one line lane said...

Hi Vic- Nice looking bag you made. Like your idea of the dark handles and light insides. Nice blog. I love scrap quilts too!

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