Monday, August 1, 2011

What a Clothesline SHOULD Look Like!

This is my idea of what a clothesline SHOULD look like; all neat Fat Quarters that have just been prewashed in Orvus and are now hanging out in a neat row! LOL! No men's undershirts, no bras and panties, no jeans, just FQ's, well, maybe some pretty yardage,too.

These FQ's are rather drab-looking because they are all authentic Civil War reproductions. I am preparing some of them to be cut into 5" nickels for my August 15th swap-group's deadline. If you are interested in joining, here is the link:
We send in sets of 5 pairs of nickels that are all the same, then we get back the same number of squares we sent, but in all different pairs. It's a great way to expand your variety and to get access to fabrics from other regions in the country. I love swapping! When my mailbox gets that big squishy envelope, it feels like Christmas! I'm gonna use some CW nickels to continue to build my pile of Bow Tie blocks from Bonnie's Cheddar Challenge. My stack of them is now up to 50 made!

 You can also see all the components of blue and neutrals, the four-patches and the Half Square Triangles, that are being made for my Blue Ridge Beauty. My whole Quilt Cave looks like a blueberry bomb exploded! And if you look at the top of the last photo, you'll see a big ole coffee can holding all of my carefully hoarded Bonnie "bonus triangles." I have no idea how many I already have there, but it is all the ones from making HST's for "Yankee Christmas" (Carolina Christmas) AND from the ongoing Sister's Choice blocks, too. My Yankee Christmas used red HST's.

The Sister's Choice blocks are using green HST's and yield a cool eight bonus HST's per block! Yippee! I keep dreaming of an Ocean Waves...

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Nann said...

Love the cheddar bows! And the pictures of your other QV-inspired projects.

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