Sunday, May 6, 2012

Friendship Garden

Yesterday I experienced a perfect day. I got up early and went to a quilt show, The Bedford Friendship Quilt Guild's "Friendship Garden Quilt Show."
Some of the quilts were much better than mine, some worse, but all of them entertained me and captured my imagination! Here is a sampling of what I saw that made it such fun.

 There were a few vendors and the one that I enjoyed most was Sue Trask of The Quilt Patch of Bedford, She had some lovely fat quarters for $1.00 each and I scooped up ten!

 When I first saw that last little red and white quilt, I internally gasped that the points were cut off on her blocks. But when I read the legend, it said that it was her very first quilt! I am so proud of her. I was too ashamed of my first quilt to ever have displayed it anywhere. It became a dog bed.
Here are more of the beauties:

 That last quilt was all Civil War nine patches just sewn together with a common cream-toned background. It made for a magnificently understated elegance and I loved it! I'm sorry that this photograph doesn't do it justice.

This pink and purple Storm at Sea was perfectly executed!

This antique pineapple was from the 1800's and sewn with weensy 3/4" strips! Here is another antique treasure from the 1930's:

After seeing the show, I enjoyed their $4.00 box lunch of a made-to-my-order sliced turkey sandwich with mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato on a fresh sub roll which I sprinkled with salt and pepper. They included my drink, a large hot tea, potato chips, and even a homemade brownie for dessert!
As I left the show, the blessed sun came out for the first time in four days.
When I got home, there was a fabulous package of fat quarters waiting for me in my mailbox from the SewFarSewGood quilt shop, too! I was flying on a new fabric high!!!!! I pulled up the hill of the driveway, unloaded my loot from the car and found that there was still enough hot water on the Bunn's burner to make fresh tea. Perfect!


Laurie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day also! Great job taking pics of the quilts to share with us. I wish I could find fat quarters for $1! *hugs*

Beth Probasco said...

Quilts are always great, no matter the skill level. Great day. Thank you for sharing!! :>)

Sara said...

What a lovely day - I've never been to the Bedford show. I love to be inspired by beautiful quilts -

Glad you had such a nice day...

Debra said...

I also had a pretty good day. Finished piecing my Scrap Sampler quilt. Today will baste layers together. Good find on those FQ's! Happy for you Vic. ;-)

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