Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Two Day Yard Sale

Here in New Hampshire, we have yard sales. But when I lived in Connecticut for 17 years, they were called, "tag sales." Other areas call them garage sales. No matter what you call them, they are a huge undertaking!

For me, there is a lot of emotional effort that goes into what part of my hoard I'll really ready, willing and able to let go of. The worst stuff is gifts that although I don't use, I feel obligated to keep because a friend or relative gave them to me. I feel like I'm supposed to keep it forever.

After 40+ years of collecting too much stuff, when I do set things aside to be moved on, it feels like an insignifigant effort because I'm doing one item at a time. I'd much rather wave a magic wand, thank you, and have a whole room become suddenly barren!

Saturday and Sunday the weather was clear, sunny, and quite warm. Okay, it was too damn hot! LOL! But with Matthew and Felix's help, I filled our driveway with stuff to be sold.

 I hope you notice in the picture above that my cashier's table has three baskets of quilty items; natural sachets, potholders, and catnip mice. The mice sold best! The sachets sold but a few. And the potholders got the most compliments and fondling but I did not sell a single one!
It was too hot!

Now I'm glad it is over!


Beth Probasco said...

I commend you. Sales are a lot of effort. I have gotten lazy in my "old age". I now drop everything off at the Goodwill. That way it is out of the house before I can decide I just can't part with it! ;>)

Debra said...

Hi Vic, I've done my share of yard sales thru the years, & they are alot of work! I hope yours turned out profitable....Here's what I do now, I keep a box out for anyone to drop things they don't want anymore, books, household, tools, etc. When the box is full I drop it off at the Goodwill. It's a win/win. ;-)

Saska said...

I've done a few Garage Sales, but I'd rather just donate what I have extra.
Is that a table of holsters?

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