Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Fair Day's Haul

Night before last, I did get those log cabin blocks sewn together and pressed. I'm thrilled with how cheery they look on a dreary winter's afternoon! I love the wintery landscapes but they make me hunger for bright color. That's why quilting is such fun!
By the way, I'm leaving that little Christmas tree on the table because it makes such a great night light.
I was very happy that this morning's snow was just a dusting and the roads were clear and only wet. Today was the first day of the Keepsake Quilting shop's Fat Quarter sale and I promised myself I'd go! It's a little over an hour's drive but a very pretty trip up Route 11 right beside Lake Winnepesaukee.
This is a scenic overlook.
It always makes me think about taking up my oil paints again to see these views.
These rocks show why we are "The Granite State!" That grey line above is a guard rail buried in snow.
Here is "the Mothership" and you can see that it wasn't too crowded yet. I spent a lot of time picking out my favorite FQ's.
You can see that half of the cutting tables are spread out with columns of stacked FQ's. The table shown in front was all flannels, while at the back was regular wovens separate from the batiks. Twenty FQ's cost $20; twenty batik FQ's cost $25, but you must purchase in multiples of 20 or else the regular prices of $2.50 apply. (Not sure what the price of a batik FQ usually is).

My tee shirt reads, "Quilt Police" and it was a joke enjoyed by several shoppers who commented on it.
I concentrated on FQ's that were Civil War reproductions or looked like they should be CW. The decisions were critical as I made my final selections total 40 FQ's. When I got them home, I put them into one of my Trudy's Thrift Shop basket finds so I could admire them.
They are so fine, don't cha think?
Sometimes I just gotta gloat, no matter how rude it may be! LOL!


Janet O. said...

Great job, Vic.Wish I could have been there.
I forwarded the ad you sent me to my daughter. She was going to try to go today--I even sent her some money so she wouldn't have to dip into the household budget. I hoped maybe she would be in one of your photos, but didn't see her. I'll have to find out if she made it today or not.

Beth in MN said...

Hey, what a haul!!! Good job. There looks like some really great FQ's. The winter pictures are wonderful, but I do agree with you that some color is called for. Gloat all you want --
Beth in MN

cityquilter grace said...

i would too if i found all those lovelies on sale....have a blast! and yeah, i'm droolin...but next thursday i go to cyndi's...LOL

Nancy said...

I wish I lived near your quilt shop, Vic. You did good! I love your choices.

Nancy said...

I was so excited about your purchases and the photos of your quilt shop that I forgot to tell you how much I like your log cabin blocks. That quilt will brighten the day of anyone who sees it!

Debra said...

Quilt shop envy!........I don't think I've ever seen their parking lot empty!

Nann said...

A-hem! I thought you had sworn off buying fabric! (Oh, I see: you have sworn off paying full price for are okay.)

Keepsake is a great shop and you are fortunate to live close by!

Glady said...

Your Log Cabin Quilt is wonderful and bright! Nice work! Looks like you had fun at Keepsake.

Unknown said...

Nice selection of CW fat quarters. Just dropped by to see what you're working on. Log Cabin is lovely!

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