Saturday, February 9, 2013

It's All About The Storm

This "Nemo" blizzard that snowed and howled all day yesterday and all night and then most of today, is finally over. The official count in Concord was 24+ inches, the second highest for one storm. It was only beaten by a 27+ inch storm in 1888. Here in beautiful downtown Gilmanton Iron Works, New Hampshire, I had a less official count of 26 inches. It was very hard to measure due to the drifts that the winds created.
I tried to pick a median flat area on the deck.
The above snapshot is seen from inside the garage looking out onto the deck. You can see the walkway that I shoveled for Raven.

Our front storm door was scraping the top off a snowdrift as I opened the door to take this picture.
Matthew helped a lot with the heavy shoveling in the front.
We were very lucky that the air was cold enough to keep the snow fluffy and light!
The plow truck even got stuck and our dear friends, Ron and Ralph helped get Felix out of this snowbank.
If you see it in the upper photo, a little to the right of Felix's truck, you can make out my mailbox and newspaper tube.
We aren't out of the woods yet. Felix got stuck one last time, dang it, right in front of our driving vehicles! He gave up and came in for cocoa because it was sundown, saying he and Matthew would tackle it in the morning.
I shoveled out the path to the two backyard birdfeeders, making narrow paths through 30" drifts. Boy, was I ever popular with my flock of blue chickens! Those are about half a dozen big Canadian blue jays who arrive after the squirrels leave and the mourning doves. Then the cardinals take their turn, followed by all the little titmice, sparrows, and various kinds of chickadees, who are the bravest to let me near.
I'm still catching up on the laundry. And I worked on the next 16 block batch of Civil War log cabins. I'm about halfway and very pleased!
I like to make them in one long chain and trim the ends as I reach for the next one coming off the chain. Then I flip it down onto a long strip of the correct value for the next log. You are always placing the side that has TWO seams down on the new strip.
Here is my happy basket of new strips.
I also finally found the doggie toenail clippers and trimmed Raven's long claws! She liked the cookie afterwards.


Janet O. said...

That is some serious snowfall, Vic! Thanks for letting us see it.
Good progress on the log cabins!

Helen in the UK said...

That is a SERIOUS amount of snow from one day! Glad you are all well and warm :)

Debra said...

Hi Vic, glad you survived the storm. We measured 20" in our front yard but difficult due to the drifts. Beautiful scenery. And didn't it get cold last night? Or was that me? Ha.

sewnsew said...

Did you get my message about Bonnie's classes in Maine?

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