Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy Groundhog Day!

With bitter cold temperatures, it is hard to believe that, "Spring is just around the corner!", but I hope so. This time of year is when I'm becoming tired of the low key colors of the winter landscape around me. I'm perfect for this four season climate that New Hampshire enjoys. The changes keep the weather fascinating for me as there is always something new to look at.

It effects my quilting choices, too. I tend to make bolder choices of colors. Funny, that was not so true today as I worked on some quickly made wonky log cabin blocks. These were done using lots of those lovely Civil War scraps that my dear friend Nann gave me as a swap hostess present.
Thanks so very much, Nann! I was working on these yesterday and today and got all 16 blocks done and pressed.
Tomorrow I plan on trimming them to square them up because they are wonky and diverse sizes.
And even better, I have reached the halfway point on hand sewing my binding for Sister's Choice Part II.
But best of all, Raven is feeling much better!

No, she's not playing dead. She actually sleeps this way. And she snores louder than I do!


Janet O. said...

Cute little display for Groundhog's Day, Vic. : )
Love those log cabin blocks. I REALLY need to make a log cabin quilt someday.
The halfway mark on a binding is cause for celebration in my book!
Raven is too funny!

lisa0116 said...

Love the display, the log cabin blocks and especially Miss Raven!! My crazy Jack Russell sleeps the same way at times. ROFL!

Nann said...

I'm so happy that you've found a use for those CW fabrics!

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