Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Spring Miracles!

Tonight is my regular guild meeting and when I looked up the program scheduled I also found this item:

"Did you know that the Jeanne D’Arc credit union donates $1,500 every quarter to a worthy area non-profit organization through its "Give a Click" program? The non-profit with the most votes will receive $1,500. Voting ends June 30th.

The New England Quilt Museum is one of the nominees for this quarter's Jeanne D'Arc donation. Please take a moment to register your support for the museum. Click here for more info or to vote. "

In the meantime, I have been busy adding two more rows onto the Tumble Inn quilt to give it a better length. Two rows finish at 8 1/2" lengthwise, so now, in this picture, I'm up to 58" x79".
My informally adopted 23 year old son, Matthew, has complained that his Broken Dishes quilt is too short, although he loves it dearly. I measured it this morning at 79" long, which is pretty skimpy. Here are the suggested sizes (although I am clueless as to just where I found this listing, sorry!):

 Quilt sizes

MINIATURE: Usually less than 36" square.
WALLHANGING: Any size can qualify for a wallhanging.
BABY: Usually between 36" X 36" and 52" X 52". This size can depend on whether the quilt will be used in a crib.
CRIB:  Usually between 30"x 46" and 36" x 50".
COT:  Usually between 58" x 90" and 72" x 108".
BUNK:  Usually between 66" x 89" and 74" x 103".
WHEELCHAIR LAP QUILT: Approximately 38" x 47".
LAP: Usually between 52" - 68" wide and the length can be from about 52" - 78".
TWIN: Usually between 64" - 72" wide and the length can be from about 86" - 96".
FULL: Usually between 70" - 88" wide and the length can be from about 88" - 100".
QUEEN: Usually between 88" - 99" wide and the length can be from about 94" - 108".
QUEEN WATERBED:  Approximately 76" x 104".
KING: Usually between 94" - 108" wide and the length can be from about the same, 94" - 108".
CALIFORNIA KING:  Usually between 100" x 98" and 114" x 117".
KING WATERBED:  Approximately 88" x 94".

I had started this quilt for ME as a snuggler on the futon, not sure if it is right for Matthew anyway. He says he wants a "darker" quilt in navy blue, not light blue. When I showed him the Tumble Inn top, he did not seem to love it. I think that what is really going on is that he has outgrown some of the raucous brights in the borders of the Broken Dishes. 

That's normal. Tastes change as we mature, or even on a whim, with me, LOL!  This quilt looks great in a photograph, but in person, that highway-safety-cone orange is a little hard on the eyes. The more I think about it, the more I'm thinking that he might like some of the Indigo Crossing that I've accumulated from Ebay dealers.

But the biggest news around the farm concerns the Spring miracle of birth. Somewhere in the depths of all the junk out in my garage, Spooky gave birth to three kittens!
She is still very leery but trusts me a bit now.

She had been out hunting in the rain and was rather wet.
I am able to photograph her now without her staring at me and hissing and growling.
The kittens are even shyer. We have seen three at once, so we know there are three, but we are totally unable to get good pictures yet! Here is the ONLY picture that we got of a kitten so far.
Their eyes are so bright blue! This one was devouring the haunches of a chipmunk who had worried my birdfeeders all last winter, while another kitten (not pictured) was growling wanting a turn at the tasty bit. This is as close as I ever get to Spooky.
Happy sewing!


Janet O. said...

I love the colors of the tumbler quilt.
That is a bright orange border--love the "safety cone orange" name. : )
Indigo Crossings sounds like a good choice for a guy quilt.

Debra Robinson said...

I voted....What wonderful news! Did you know she was pregnant? I was going to ask you how she's doing, now I know. I'm so glad she feels safe enough to bring the babies in to the garage. Please bring us more pics as they grow...

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