Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Sunshine Girls

The little group of quilters that have begun to meet at The Alton Senior Center in Alton, New Hampshire have decided to call ourselves "The Sunshine Girls." Both times we have met so far, were rainy so we made our own sunshine by having fun quilting!
From right to left are Pauline, me, Sue, Margy and Norma, (Fran had warned us she couldn't make it). 

It's a very friendly group with everybody willing to help everybody else if they can.

The director of the Center, Amy Braun, said that we can use that name as long as we also say that we welcome men, too.
Pauline was happily working on her three dimensional hummingbird/log cabin kit quilt that is coming out terrific.
We passed the basket of chocolates, too, and I did a brief demo on turning the corner of the hand sewing of the binding of the Birds in America wallhanging.
I talked about the importance of labels and showed how to iron freezer paper onto the back of some light colored fabric to stabilize it to be able to write on it nicely with a pen. I got a few pieces done on my next group of 16 scrappy Civil War log cabin blocks, too.
As the group ended, the sun came out! We had lunch together at the center and thoroughly enjoyed the special roast beef dinner for Father's Day Luncheon.
Back home, I've started a second 5" tumblers quilt top, but no pictures of it yet, just a couple of rows done. I'm going with 20 units cause I want it a little wider than 58" this time. My first effort was only 17 units across.

Also, I'm trying using more lights by alternating light to dark side by side. This one above, I went three dark, then a light, more or less.

On Kitty Patrol, I spent hours gazing at kittens as they were fed, washed, and scolded for straying too far from their Mom, Spooky. I kept trying to get photos that show all four kittens at once in one picture. If you count carefully you might see them all, LOL! They are constantly wiggling.
The nicest compliment that I received today was when the exhausted Spooky had finished her milk drinking, she lay down with her back toward me and fell asleep!

Wow! She really has relaxed a bit.
Happy sewing!


Debra Robinson said...

Great tip about the freezer paper! I'll have to try that.....I just recieved in the mail my "Crazy" templates from MSQC. Can't wait to use them, but have to finish a quilt top first.........The kitties are adorable! Momma is beginning to really trust you now. Have any of them met Raven yet?!

Janet O. said...

I like your quilting group name, Vic. If men want to join they could be the sunshine guys and together you could be the sunshine gang! : )
Motherhood must be softening that cat.

cityquilter grace said...

very nice tumbler the fabrics...sooo scrappy and pretty!

Beth in MN said...

What a fun and cheery name for your group!! Looks like it was a great fun and informative day.

Michele Bilyeu said...

Sunshine girls, indeed! There is no doubt that this bunch brings in the rays of goodness and happiness whereever they go and whatever they do! Love community quilting!!

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