Wednesday, April 23, 2014

All The Old Familiar Places

One familiar place mentioned in the title was that I spent some time in my own Quilt Cave down cellar to get my 2" greens swap ready to mail out.

These are ten stacks of ten different HWOF (Half Width Of Fabric) 2" strips.

It felt good to get them "bagged & tagged" and in the mail long before the May 15th deadline. If you are interested in playing the swaps, head on over to Quiltville Swap. Each month is a different colorway and you may sign up or not, if you choose to skip a color.

On Monday, I popped into The Golden Gese Quilt shop in Concord, New Hampshire for a little fun with their sit'n'sew group.

I was working on a two year old UFO that is going to be a special gift for a friend.

Then, on Tuesday, which is the new scheduled day for The Sunshine Club at the Alton Senior Center, we had a roaring cheer that went out to Sue. Sue finished her Purple tumblers top!!!!

It is fabulous! Way to go, Sue!

We chomped on chocolate and sewed and laughed with each other.

My purple strings quilt was quilted professionally by Tracy Szanto of Dreamland Machine Quilting. She did a great job with an edge-to-edge medium meander and only charged me $60 for this generous throw of 56"X 74".

The other swaps that come due in the merry month of May are the 4-patches and the HST's with the sub-group of Stashbusters that is called Blockswappers. I hope to do some soon.

Pauline from The Sunshine Club mentioned wanting to do a Jacob's Ladder and I am in!!!! Here are my first scrappy blocks made up from the past swap units that I had on hand.

To celebrate Earth Day I planted a pinch of marigold seeds that I harvested myself last fall. I started them indoors for fear of a late frost. The old saying around here is to wait until traditional Memorial Day, May 30th, to be safe.

Happy quilting!

1 comment:

Janet O. said...

Lots of fun stuff, Vic. I love all the purple happening here.
But I especially love the scrappy Jacob's Ladder!

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