Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Your Fabric Or Your Life!

When a mugger asked Jack Benny, "Your money or your life!," Benny replied, "I'm thinking, I'm thinking!"
And so it went this past weekend for me. On early Friday morning, I traveled the hour-long drive up north to Keepsake Quilting's retail store for their Fat Quarter Sale. I forgot the camera at home but I took these pictures later. This is what my rear passenger-side tire looked like after the blowout!

So I say it was a case of "Your fabric or your life!" The tire blew out with a force that rocked my big heavy car but I just held on and drove until there appeared a safe place to pull over on Route 11.

I called home using the cell phone of a kind landscaper working at a nearby home and Felix and Matthew were there within 15 minutes! I was so blessed; once to be okay, twice to be rescued, thrice that the weather was sunny and mild!
As for the fabric, yes these Mothership sale pretties came home with me unscathed, LOL!

There are a few repeats, especially of the reds, which I love!

I spent some time noodling around with some old trimmings that were off of the backing of last year's quilt show boutique raffle quilt. This was the front of that quilt, a simple rail fence.

The backing was just odd green fat quarters sewn together. The backing was way oversized, so the trimmings were wide strips.

They are perfectly good fabric! Since I wanted to make up some "cat pads" for the shelter that helped me get my feral kittens spayed/neutered, I figured that this would be a good use for the strips of greens. Here are the first two that I made.

They are about 16" X 20" and I used high loft polyester batting scraps held temporarily in place with June Tailor basting spray.

I used up tiny batting scraps this way!

The shelter uses these as a pad inside the cat carriers where a cat may need to be for an hour or so during transport to and from the clinic and waiting to be seen by the veterinarian. The poly is perfect for easy wash and wear, LOL!

These are not bound, just the inside-out birthing envelope method and they are great practice quilting too.
In addition to those, I did a "people" quilt, too, that I'm proud of for the quilting that I did on my old trusty circa 1949 White sewing machine.

 Here I sewed on the binding above.

This is a nice throw-sized quilt made from a couple of charm packs by Moda's Kansas Troubles Favorites II.
I'm in love with the tea-bag tans in this collection!

My quilting is still a little herky-jerky as I go but it is improving and this is soooooooo much larger than my potholders, LOL!

The two borders and the binding came from my stash and the binding fabric thrilled me because it matched so well!

Those were nice beefy cottons by Marcus Brothers, and I put a well washed/dried Joann's sale flannel on the back for the extra cuddle factor.

I also did a few of my signature, imported from Canada catnip, mice for the shelter, too. Those shelter cats demand the very best, right?

Happy quilting!


Needled Mom said...

Wow...that had to be scary. Glad it all turned out well.

Your heart quilting looks so nice.

Katie said...

So glad (you and) your FABRICS are OKAY!!! haha . . they are GORGEOUs and so are all of your quilts!

Auntie Em said...

Glad that the tire blowout didn't keep you from getting to the Fat Quarter blowout. :-)

Great idea to use the trimmings for quilt practice, and for the kitties to have a nice soft transport.

cityquilter grace said...

gosh glad you were not on the highway or you might have been hurt....and very nice fabric that a ladies album print...far left bottom?

Vic in NH said...

Thank you all for your concern for my personal safety and that of the fabrics, too, of course, LOL!
Grace, you are right! That dusty rose-colored Jacobean floral is Ladies' Album by Barbara Brackman for Moda from "Love's Token" 1870. Good eye for the historics!

Janet O. said...

Wow, I am impressed by Grace's eye for that fabric. I just used that very collection in a mini and I didn't notice!
So glad you and your fabric made it safely. That could have been bad!
Nice use of your scraps, Vic--and I LOVE that "people" quilt. Sometimes the simplest things are the best! Great binding for it, too! : )

Helen in the UK said...

So glad you are alright after the tyre blowout - must have been scary! Didn't deter you from the shopping though LOL!

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