Friday, April 4, 2014

Quilty Fun!

An idea has been "a-brewin' an' a-brewin' in my mind." It is for another Civil War quilt, so I am sure that there is no surprise there to my regular readers, LOL!
I've asked Karen, over at Blockswappers to design a new swap for me to hostess. But I got antsy to start it! I've been sewing blocks for a week now, LOL!

These are "standard" 9-Patches made with 2 1/2" strips so they are 6 1/2" stacked here, but they will finish at 6" in the quilt. All the corner squares are matching blues (or indigos) with a red accent in the center. Each stack pictured has 6 to 8 blocks in the group.
When I laid them out, I liked the golden tan background for the photograph so much that I'm playing around with ideas for keeping that design motif. But I want to set the 9-Patches on point and I have been very gratefully studying the formulas for that over at Bonnie K. Hunter's Tips & Techniques. Thank you so very much, Bonnie!

If the swap never materializes, I'll just make the quilt on my own using these blocks. The antique churn dash came out so well thanks to all the variety from that swap that I want to do all over again!

The making of these blocks generated some odd measures of end cuts that were way too nice to throw away! I sewed the odd bits together to make this little quilt that is 16" X 20".

Once again, that odd "paperbag brown" broadcloth came to the rescue for the binding.

The borders were a delightful older Paula Barnes from the time back when she called herself "Bonnie Blue Quilts" for Marcus Brothers. It is a sumptuous floral, almost Jacobean. I only owned a fat quarter of it and I was hoarding it very hard, LOL! It makes this whole tiny quilt-mat dance and I love it!

The backing was a Civil War fat quarter from one of those marvelous Whittle's Fabrics grab bags found here.

Batting scraps were spray basted into position and I finished the hand hemming at the Sunshine Club today over at the Pearson Road Community Center (as the Alton Senior Center is now known).

Sue needed extra Hersey's Milk Chocolate Nuggets when she was sewing things together backwards.
She got another whole row done correctly!

Pauline was loving her new copy of The Farmer's Wife by Laurie Aaron Hird.

We were thrilled to welcome back Margorie, who does not care to drive in bad weather, so we've missed her!

Mary and Margorie admired the quilt that Pauline had made.

It was a great day and I hope yours was fun, too!

Happy quilting!


cityquilter grace said...

very nice little quilt vic, and i agree the border fabric is sooo luscious, glad you have a place to show it off

Janet O. said...

I love the 9-patch blocks. It will be a very pretty quilt--I hope your swap materializes!
That is a beautiful border fabric on your little scrap quilt.

Nann said...

Swap or not, I'd like to whip up some of those 9 patches!

Beth in MN said...

Hey Vic, I hope the swap goes. I think I will have to see about swapping the nine patches. Thank you for the fabric link.

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