Saturday, May 3, 2014

Quilt Clubbing

Tuesday was a double-duty quilt club day for me. The Sunshine Club met in the morning and The Farmer's Wife Group gathered a little later on. Here are the gals from the Sunshine club with all their varied projects.

Margorie completed her cotton square hot pad/trivet.

Pauline is sewing together the gathered 12" blocks for the church raffle quilt and it looks terrific with the beige sashings. Pauline discovered a mistake in the assembly of one row and she will take that one apart to re-do it.

And Sue is starting a cover for a rectangular foam-lined dog bed for her family's two weimaraners. It is a waterproof fabric and very good looking!

Mary worked on her potholders, but we were trying to get her to lean forward for the picture.

I finished up the binding on my little Kansas Troubles Favorites II throw quilt.

We had lots of fun sharing and chatting and passing around the Hersey's Milk Chocolate Nuggets!

Over at The Farmer's Wife group, Shirley is the furthest ahead. Look at her go! She's already assembling blocks into a row, wow! Remember, these are all HAND STITCHED!

Here is Diane showing her pretty blue and yellow block.

We all munched on lunches brought from home and also enjoyed a slice of Camille's Lemon Cake. I was delighted to finish up my basket block with the appliqued handle. Whew! It was hard to make that sharp curve even with bias cutting on the handle piece.

Maybe I should've used the darker fabric for the handle so that it would show up better. UGH. I hate the thought of redoing it. I think that I'll leave it that way.
As we say in Stashbuster's, "Done is better than perfect!"

Happy quilting!


Janet O. said...

You are always out and about having a good time. I feel almost like I know those Sunshine girls!
WooHoo--a finish!! Great little quilt. : )

RenaissanceSandi G said...

I love the name "Sunshine Club"--it makes me smile just hearing it!

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