Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dribs & Drabs

Every morning around here begins with a freshly brewed pot of coffee made on my two-burner drip style Bunn coffeemaker. We usually drain it dry with the three of us, but sometimes there is a bit left over. If the spirit moves me, I'll make an afternoon pot around 3pm and there are always leftovers from that.
If you save the dribs and drabs of coffee with a little vinegar as a preservative, it makes a great "tea-dye" to take the harshness out of whites that look garish. I simmer the pre-wetted fabric for about 20 minutes with fine results. Thank you to my dear friend, Janet O. of Rogue Quilter for her help and encouragement with this process!

Today was cool and cloudy for The Sunshine Club and we had a grand time with our various projects. One of our guys who often pops in on us is Buddy, who likes to share a milk chocolate Hersey's Nugget or two. Today he amazed and thrilled us all by bringing in a big banana box filled with cotton fabrics and even a couple of quilt tops! We had a ball looking through what his lady relatives had left behind. Everybody claimed something from the box and we were all happy and grateful. Thank you Buddy!
The other big news at the Senior Center was that the outdoor construction crew accidentally disturbed the water supply line as they were installing new storm drains to prevent icing during the winter.

Whoops! All of a sudden we were without flush toilets, no hand washing, nor drinking water for lunch.

Then, as you can see above, my camera batteries died, too! LOL! As my dear old Dad would've said, "It all went to hell in a handbasket!" But we muddled through and had a fine chicken drumstick dinner.

Here is the very last of the Chelmsford Quilt Show from Saturday: Please click to enlarge the photos, and remember that the legend card is after the quilt photo/s.

 Miss Tanner wanted to stroll through my post, too.

Happy quilting even through Murphy's Law, "Whatever can go wrong, usually will."


Janet O. said...

Hey, Vic, smart to save the coffee dribbles. I've never done the dying with coffee, but I guess it is the same process as the tea-dying I have done.
How sweet for Buddy to share with you!

Feathers in my Nest said...

Thanks for the Coffee tip Vic! I usually have a cup or 2 left in the pot...I did some of my doilies with tea but never tried coffee..Pretty tulip & kitty..kisses all around..

Glady said...

Hi Vic, Thanks for sharing the pictures from the show. I love the veggie materials. I know that guy Murphy too! :)

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