Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Found Quilt

Yesterday was especially busy with a morning that included Sunshine Club at The Alton, New Hampshire Senior Center and my Farmer's Wife group down in Milton, New Hampshire at Evergreen Country Primitives Quilt Shop. Most people would say that I had a conflict of schedules once a month. I just do both, LOL!
Sue and Marjorie were having a great time goofing up their respective projects and then solving their issues. Sue couldn't get her sewing machine to behave, and I think Marjorie dropped a crochet stitch.

I worked on preparing a last minute block for The Farmer's Wife by Lori Aaron Hird that you can see open to the page for the "Bat Wing" block in the above picture.
We got the news that our very dear friend, Pauline, will be returning to her home in Tennessee this weekend. The whole group will miss her and we wish her safe travels and hope that she will keep in touch.
The director of the Senior Center, Roney (pronounced "row- NAY" ), surprised us with her apple snacks carved by hand into sculptures and then doused with lemon juice. Look at this!!!

The apple swan even had seeds for the eyes. It was beautiful and delicious! Thank you Roney!

I munched some Hersey's milk chocolate Nuggets and then hurried away to The Farmer's Wife sewing group.

Shirley is holding up her fabulous on-point setting! She is the farthest along of this group that has chosen to piece every stitch by hand.

I know that we needed rain to cut the fire danger, but now I miss the sun. Here are some spring flowers in bloom in my backyard before all the showers. The forsythia bushes were glorious!

And so was the Alamata crab-apple tree in it's stunning pinks!

Note that I'm not showing you all the weeds and the untamed unmowed lawn, LOL!

I think that I mentioned before that a Senior Center regular named Buddy brought in a big banana box filled with quilty treasures for us to all share.

Inside it was this finished quilt top in all matching circa 1980's cotton fabrics. We are not sure if one of Buddy's lady relatives made it or not. But it is definitely worth rescuing!!!

It is a log cabin and a big twin sized top at 74" by 96". It sure does need a good pressing!

Right now it is unclear to me how much of those wobbles will press out or quilt out. It was a little breezy outdoors on my asphalt driveway where I had spread it out for these photographs, so that wasn't helping!

I hope that you are able to enjoy some of the spring weather before the dreaded heat and humidity set in for the summer.
Happy quilting!

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Feathers in my Nest said...

LOVE your Alamata Crabapple..just Gorgeous. I'm with you not liking the heat or humidity..yuk...It'll be here before you know it..

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