Monday, May 5, 2014

A Happy Presentation

Yesterday was a surprise retirement party for my dear Postmistress, Linda. She told me later that she had no idea it was a party for her until her daughter pulled into the parking lot where she spotted her husband's pick up in all the others. Her co-workers had rented the local American Legion hall and we all brought pot luck dinners. The food was fabulous!

Linda has been so sweet about doing all my swaps at the post office window and she is a quilter, too. She likes brights and her favorite color is purple, so the whole party was themed with that color.

And yes, she just happened to be wearing a purple blouse, that went perfectly with her paper tiara and tissue paper lei.

I presented her with a purple strings quilt that I've been finishing lately for her, and she loved it! And yes, I did get a label on it, too, LOL!

Is it a faux pas to give a quilter a quilt? I think not, but it must be one that doesn't overwhelm them and it should be in their colors.

I know that it is kinda like carrying coals to Newcastle, but at least in this case, it was very much appreciated!

Happy quilting!


Charlene S said...

I think it is a very good idea to give a quilter a quilt. So many of us, make quilts for others and not for ourselves. We know the time, effort, planning, and cost that goes into a special quilt! So it is most definitely appreciated. Your past mistress is very lucky indeed!

helen said...

What a beautiful gift!!
I wouldn't know a quilter who wouldn't like to receive a quilt, what's more a beautiful as you have made!!
Best wishes!

Janet O. said...

I think quilters appreciate the gift of a quilt better than anyone else. I'm sure she loves it!
What a lovely surprise party for Linda!

RenaissanceSandi G said...

I would love to receive such a beautiful quilt! Hi, I am RenaissanceSandi...and I am one of your fellow bloggers for the American Made Brand Solids Blog Tour. Please stop by and follow my blog, if you like.

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