Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Creative Fun

The Sunshine Club had a wonderful meeting at the Senior Center over in Alton, New Hampshire. I think that we are all energized by the lovely Spring weather and the sights of lawns greening, daffy's and forsythia's blooming, and bright blue skies! It sure is nice to not need a heavy winter coat, too.

Sue was just determining how to apply the velcro fasteners onto the open side of her new dog-bed cover. She was very clever when shopping for the foam and found that the very best price was on a twin-sized mattress topper for around $9.

By folding that piece of foam into thirds and trimming off a couple of inches on one of the long edges, it worked perfectly! Way to go Sue! Pauline helped Sue to get it into position.

Margorie was in great spirits with her crocheting projects as we passed around the Hersey's Milk Chocolate Nuggets!

I chomped down plenty of chocolate, but also enjoyed one of the "Happy Nana's" the our Director Roney made for us. If you look very closely, you will see that the top of the banana has sugar cupcake decor pieces that make it look like a little happy face. Can you make it out in the photograph?

My tee shirt was an Easter gift from my neighbor Ilse, and it reads, "God so loved the world... He gave us CATS! LOL! So true, and dogs as well. Our pets enrich our lives so much.

Pauline brought her assembled blocks and we loved spreading them out to see them!

She has a neat plan to make a dropped sides quilt with a generous pillow-tuck. Here is Sue helping to hold it for the photo.

The blocks look wonderful with the beige sashing that is unfortunately photographing as stark white.

There is lots of eye movement and variety in this.

I poked along sewing together four quadrants to make a single "Hugs & Kisses" block. I need twenty and I got eight done, yeay! This is RJR's "Lovely" fabric designed by Debbie Beaves and the pansies are so Springy!

Lunch was a nice Chicken Cutlet with gravy, scalloped potatoes, green beens, and pumpkin pie for dessert. yummo!

Miss Emma Lynn recommends chewing a stick from the crab-apple tree!!!

Whatever your pleasure, I hope you enjoy your day and sew a little, too!


Janet O. said...

You gals have such fun!
Yes, I can see the face on the banana--too funny!
What pretty pansy fabrics! That must be refreshing to sew on!
Tell Miss Emma I will pass on the stick, but thanks for the suggestion! : )

cityquilter grace said...

still living la vida loca in springy NH i see...we are off to machias this week and my first DAR meeting as a real member!

Anonymous said...

Pauline's quilt is a work of art -- so much to see!

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