Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Ends

The effort to go out and quilt while I was still sickly has cost me a relapse of my cold. I'm awaiting a phone call to see what the radiologist thinks of my chest X ray. Maybe I have the ammonia!

-later, No, I do not have it, but I was put on 200mg of doxycycline hyclate per day for a week. I was told that as soon as I have been on it for 24 hours that I am no longer contagious to others. -ed.

In the meantime, I'd love to show you this cute little lined pouch that I've been using to hold my cough drops and kleenexes and the checkbook.

It has a zipper that was cut to fit the pouch and the zipper was installed with little folded fabric tabs sewn over the zipper ends.

I used Jo Morton fabrics from Andover and a Fabric Traditions creamy print for the lining.

It just has straight line "Quilt-As-You-Go" quilting on the top with the fusible fleece batting by Pellon and the lining underneath it. The zipper went in quite easily when the right sides were together.

It has been very handy and I'm glad that I chose a very light color for the inside lining so that I can see inside there! I very much dislike designers who place dark fabrics inside their bags. Harumph!

As you can see from the couple of pins still stuck into it, my quilted pouch also made an emergency pincushion for me as I was quickly packing up from Sunshine Club back on Tuesday. Please do ignore the camera strap on the right side of the picture above. Sigh.

If you'd like to see Jenny Doan on the free Missouri Star Quilt Company video on Youtube, here is the  link so you can make your own!

Due to school vacations, Kayla (pronounced, k EYE lah), was able to join us again for our Sunshine Club meeting. Kayla is the now 11 year old daughter of Roney (pronounced, row NAY), who is the director of the Alton, New Hampshire, Senior Center where we meet to sew.

Pictured from left to right, are Kayla, Carol, and Sue.

Carol and Sue were there, too and Carol helped me by designing a new Scrappy Jacob's Ladder block. Sue laughed that I'm just trying to get Carol hooked onto quilting, and, of course, she's right!

This afternoon I was strong enough to press my Woven Plaid block from last week's "Stars In A Time Warp" sew-along. It is from Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilts blog.  Although my regular readers saw this before, it looks so much better after a good pressing with starch.

As of yesterday, we are now on Week 16 with Paisley's, which I do love! I found this cheddar paisley and some nice things to go with it, too. You may click upon any picture to enlarge it.

Soon I had all my pieces cut out and ready to sew.

The center square is an anonymous scrap.  I think that it came from either Wendy or Charlene, thank you both for your Civil War reproduction scrap gifts to me! The ornate scrap has a definite Kashmir look to the motif, even though it is not in the classic tear-drop "botha or boteh" shape.

I got it all sewn together and even pressed, then it was naptime for me!

Stay well and happy quilting!


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

SEW glad for you that you don't have THE AMMONIA, that would put a cramp in your style for sure. I always love to see what you're up to. Feel better, Vic!

gayle said...

I know what you mean about a dark bag lining! Several years ago I made myself a knitting bag with a dark brown lining. I've been growling at it ever since. (I suppose I should make a new bag. Hmmm. There's a thought...)
I hope you feel better soon. Being sick and trapped inside at this time of year is no fun whatsoever. Spring!

Janet O. said...

I have ammonia in my cupboard if you want some! *LOL*
Very nice looking little bag--very handy.
Ooo, that is a beautiful paisley star.

Beth in MN said...

Oh Vic, Take care of yourself!!! The Daffodils are so lovely. Love your little bag. Nice to have it for all those little necessities. Your Jacob's Ladder block is awesome. Scrappy blocks are so much fun.

Kalicocreations said...

Cool bag. I hope you get to feeling better soon, happy spring!!

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