Saturday, April 11, 2015

Friday Fun

The cold drizzle could not stop the good cheer and festivities at the Friday Quilter's at the Golden Gese Quilt Shop on 22 Liberty Street in Concord, New Hampshire.

From left to right above are Heidi, Eleanor, Barbara, Claire and Jan, all working on their own projects and having a great time!
Our mascot, "Yoda" was as cute as ever and a perfect gentleman. He is not quite 6 months old and he belongs to Beverly, who was working on this fabulous jungle prints quilt in Black, White, and Red.

Here it is as she continues to add more borders.

Claire was proud to have finished up the borders on her beautiful Stack'n'Whack quilt with Jan looking on, admiring it. Way to go Claire!

Barbara is shown below, working on her project with twisters that are miniature sized.

She is making twister Flip-Flops! Wheee!

We were all thrilled to re-welcome our snowbird member, Maureen, who spent the winter in Florida.
Claire brought her a strawberry cheesecake and we all had a piece of it. It was so delicious!

Maureen and I split a 30 yard roll of batting that we had gone in on together, so I spent some time unrolling, measuring, cutting, and then re-rolling the two halves.

What was much more fun was getting my Scrappy Log Cabin pressed and all ready for quilting.

With the piano key border all attached now, it measured 86½" by 86½" square. WHOOO HOO!!!!
With all those pieces, and it is still SQUARE, wow! I figured it would be off at least a little, but no.

After all our fun, soon it was time to go our separate ways. Wake up, little Yoda!

I hope you have a fun packed day and got some great quilting time in on your favorite projects!

Happy sewing!


Janet O. said...

Such a variety of projects--I can't believe the flip-flops! *LOL*
Your log cabin is gorgeous--and amazing that it stayed square. That doesn't happen to me. : )

helen said...

The piano-key border was really a great idea and the quilt is beautiful! It doesn't surprise me that it is still square as your work is always looking very precise! And it seems that little Yoda is not shy anymore and getting used to the quilting-bee where it looks like everybody is having a great time!
Best wishes!

Ruth said...

What a fun day! Your LC quilt is beautiful! And what a great idea to split a roll of batting. I'm constantly needing more of that!

Loretta said...

Love love love your scrappy log cabin quilt! I'm in the process of making one, too...when my 1.5" strip bin gets too full to close, I make more blocks! :)

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