Saturday, April 18, 2015

Persephone's Return

Yikes! I'm so very glad to be typing and not talking with this down-to-a-whisper case of laryngitis. Tea with lemon, raw honey, and St. Remy French Brandy for me!

But I had great fun yesterday with the Friday Quilter's at The Golden Gese quilt shop at 22 Liberty Street in Concord, New Hampshire. Claire and Jan greeted me with big smiles as I passed around the chocolates!

Jan (on the right in the above photo) was working on the cutest little flowerpot blocks in bright cheerful batiks that are pieced with a dresden ruler. If you are interested, they are on one of the Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorials. Link is here.

Heidi, pictured below, was cutting out fabrics for her latest creation and look at those gorgeous colors!

Claire was busy, too, with the cutest machine applique batik turtles for her dear grandson's quilt.

Eleanor, below left, and Jan, below right, were admiring the pieced top that Claire had done to celebrate that Spring has finally arrived.

Claire told us that she had actually used the "brown paper bag" method for assuring random placements to the colors of blues and sunny yellows. This is proof that it really works!

As for me, I poked along on my Scrappy Jacob's Ladder blocks and got 3 more assembled and pressed. Here are two done, YEAY!!

Please DO notice the wonderful replacement kitchen clock with its new battery above my shoulder that Maureen brought in and hung up. Our old one had died. Thank you, Maureen!

Due to my dearth of ombre Civil War selections for this week's Block of the Week over at Barbara Brackman's sew along, I chose to make a purchase of a Penny Rose red stripe ombre from their "Civil War Times" line. It was also available in a bright Prussian blue, but I favored the red.

Of course, if you hafta write a check anyway, you might as well pick up some neutrals, too, right?

This morning showed only the faintest traces of snow in the woods and shadows, and glorious Spring has brought me my precious Mount Hood daffodils and little blue Pushkinias.

Persephone has returned from Hades!

Be inspired by the beauty of your day, it is its own gift!

Happy sewing!


Jean said...

I have been digging for Ombre in my stash too! I had no idea I would ever want it!

Janet O. said...

You chose some great fabrics, as always!
Glad you are finally seeing some signs of Spring!
I must say, those batik turtles are stunning!

Stacey said...

Always cheerful! You are so productive sewing with your Quilty friends. That's nice!

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Love your new fabrics and the turtles are very different. Would like to see the finished quilt when it's done.

Susan R. said...

I enjoy reading your blog but very rarely leave a comment. Today is different - would you please ask your quilting friend about the pattern for the turtles? I just love that.

Thank you,
Susan Rizzi

cityquilter grace said...

sooo nice to see flowers again....

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