Sunday, August 9, 2015

All Great Friends!

One of my dearest friends is Frances, who is now home from both the hospital and from a few weeks at a rehab nursing home to build her strength.

We went out for an ice cream on an 85° day and Frances wore a fleece jacket and asked me to roll up the car windows against the cold, LOL!
We had a great time together. Pictured on her couch above is the quilt that I made for her 99th birthday in early March. She loves it so much.

The Friday Quilters at The Golden Gese Quilt Shop on 22 Liberty Street in Concord, New Hampshire, had agreed to do a workshop on making the Zipper Pouch. It was as seen on Youtube with Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Company. Link.

My pouch was made from some scraps of an out-of-print red paisley-like design called French Quarter by Paula Barnes, and a Jo Morton Toasted bias plaid, with a Kim Diehl Butter Churn Basics for the lining.

After fusing the lining and stitching and then top-stitching the layers, I was ready to cut the two panels for my pouch.

Jenny Doan makes the zipper instructions really easy! She's a great teacher!

The only thing that I learned to be aware of is to NOT catch in the edges of the zipper end tabs when you are sewing the sides shut. The tabs turn more easily and look better when finished if they are
NOT  caught into the side seam. I brought in some straps to add to the pouches.

Maureen, seen below, was working on hers in reds.

Maureen chose a deeper and narrower orientation for her zipper pouch. Looking good!

Sue, seen below, used the same reds and hers came out terrific, too!

Nice work, Sue!!

Beverly, seen below, was working with a Saturday deadline to finish up the hand hemming of her wonderful modern Yellow & Grey Illusions quilt. Link.

She pieced the backing for a whimsical look. Nice work!

That gray polka dot fabric is such fun!

Maureen had two quilts finished that were a matched pair going to her nephews who lost their mother to cancer at an early age. These are as beautiful as they are meaningful.

There was a special label that Maureen embroidered by machine for these quilts. (click to enlarge)

The fabrics are gorgeous and so is the professional quilting! It was done by a fabulous local quilter named Tracy Szanto of Dreamland Machine Quilting. Link.

Friday was also my dear friend and neighbor, Ilse's 83rd birthday! This is the basket of cheer that I took to her to celebrate it. The Cold Sack bag contained a package of 3 Magnum ice cream bars in Ilse's much beloved White Chocolate flavor. Yummy!

For Ilse, I made the cherries ribbon, the potholder, the sachet, the birthday card, and picked the crabapples an hour before I delivered the basket. She loved them!

Then there was that clothesline of mine filled with Civil War neutrals again, LOL! Wheee!

Happy quilting!!


cityquilter grace said...

again??? more neutrals???? can't have enough tho, right?

Nann said...

"Toasted bias" is a great description.
I made many, many skirts with center back zippers. I had a Butterick pattern that I used so often that I stabilized the tissue with fusible interfacing. (I still have the pattern -- originally for a 26-1/2" waist which I long ago exceeded.) My Kenmore machine had a great zipper foot and I stitched down, across, and up without a second thought. The Pfaff that I've had for 20+ years had a different zipper foot and I've never been as comfortable using it. Once I became a quilter the number of zipper insertions plummeted. There are so many attractive quilted bags (purses, totes, accessories) that I'm going to need to snap on that zipper foot again . . .
P.S. To echo Grace: MORE fabric, Vic??!

gayle said...

You are so BUSY! 8)
All those bags look great! I'm going to have to go re-watch that video!

Janet O. said...

You are so good to your friends!
Love the bags you gals made. I can see a lot of potential there for making fun bags I would love, but I'm not sure I can get myself to make bags when I can't finish my quilts as it is. : )
Do neutral fabrics come looking for you, or do you go looking for them?

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