Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Noodling Around

Today started out hot, muggy, and miserable but it ended with beautiful cool Canadian air. Wheeee! I put several yards of prewashed Civil War reproductions out on the clothesline and hoped that they might skip God's final rinse.

The Sunshine Club met at the Pearson Road Community Center also known as The Senior Center in Alton, New Hampshire.

We quilted and sewed and cut and we chomped some chocolate, too!

Sue had finished her Dresden Plate top and we all admired it!

Sue is also working on an original design with 4-Patches. Looking good, girl!

Bev, below, got lots done on her Tee-shirt quilt for her grandson's graduation next June.

Pauline, below, had to do a wee bit of "frog-stitching" (rip it, rip it!) but is doing very nicely at assembling the birdhouse blocks.

I worked on my Quilt As You Go strippy quilt, but alas, I got no pictures of it!

I did a few more of the Kim Brackett Scrap Basket Surprise quadrants and got them pressed when I got home.

I need 144 of these above units and now the count is up to 106 done, yippee!! I'll get there!

There were a few of those stars that came out to play, too.

You may click on any picture to enlarge it.

There was some free play in the scraps with the French Lavender potpourri to make some lovely sachets.

Out in the orchards of Park Hill Farm, the pear trees are heavily bearing their fruit. I own a very nice taxidermy piece of a hen Partridge. I put the two together to make this Partridge In A Pear Tree photo to use later this year as our Christmas card.

Oh, and then there's that pinwheel factory again, LOL!

Happy sewing!


Janet O. said...

Lots of lovely projects going on at the senior center.
How exciting to be so close to having the needed units completed.
Lovely, lovely stars!
And I am enthralled with your partridge in the pear tree. Great idea for a card, Vic!

gayle said...

I believe that's the first time I've ever seen an actual partridge in a pear tree...

cityquilter grace said...

nice progress there.....love your clothesline fabrics!

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