Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Epiphany can mean a sudden revelation as well as being the holiday traditional celebration of the day that the three kings arrived a the manger of Jesus' birthplace. This morning, I had quite a personal epiphany!
I lost half of my Barbara Brackman sew along, "Stars In A Time Warp" blocks!!! Eeek, I looked everywhere in my down cellar studio to no avail. Here is the Link.
Rows 7 through 11 were missing and I was in panic mode, looking on top of stacks of stuff and fabrics. At last I came upstairs and looked in the guest bedroom where I had previously laid them out. Hooray! There they were, safe and sound! My questionable sanity is saved.

Yesterday, at The Sunshine Club, at the Alton, New Hampshire Senior Center, I finished hand sewing a label onto the green log cabin that I had finished for Buddy, a senior there. Here I am presenting it to him at the poker table.

Buddy was overwhelmed at how beautifully the quilt came out when it was finished! It had been found as an unfinished flimsey in a box in his mother's attic. I listed her name on the label as having pieced it, with my name as having quilted it, and the town and state and year.

Thank you, Sue, for snapping these two photos to record the event. Buddy was speechless and gave me a big bear hug as he misted up a little.
Sue, below, was doing some straight line quilting on her Log Cabin table runner and it looked great!

Our little group sewed, chatted, and chomped some chocolates, too!

Beverly, seen above on the right, was doing some "frog stitching" to get her sashings to line up perfectly on her dear grandson's soccer quilt, seen below.

Joyce, below, was discouraged for a small error of sewing several of her log cabin blocks onto her strip that was upside down and therefore, not right sides together. Sigh. Please pass the seam ripper, LOL!

Back at home, I made some progress cutting and sewing on the Step 2 clue of the Allietare mystery by Bonnie K. Hunter.

I have the yellow-headed pins keeping my sets together as I work on them. If you haven't downloaded all 6 of the clues yet, they are so very worthwhile. Here is the Link.

Thank you, Bonnie Hunter, for yet another beautiful free design!

I hope that you are celebrating the Twelveth Day of Christmas in fine style and that you haven't misplaced anything like I did today.

Happy quilting!


straythreads said...

I can understand the panic they were in a "safe spot" Like my safe spots ha! What an angel you are to finish that quilt beautiful!! and looks like you had another fun day

gayle said...

Losing those gorgeous stars would be enough to cause a major panic! I'm glad you found them again. (I've lost more things putting them in a "safe spot"...)
Good for you for finishing that quilt - such a wonderful thing to do.
And isn't Allietare lovely?

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Well, I am happy it is not just me who loses important items along the way! So happy that you found them. Buddy's quilt came out beautifully. What a super treat for him. Enjoy your stitching time!

cityquilter grace said...

nothing misplaced but still displaced waiting on my apt! what a kind thing to finish that quilt...

Elaine Adair said...

I can see Buddy's body language - he is thrilled! What an opportunity for you as well to present this blessing to him. 8-))

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Ahh so sweet of you to finish Buddy's quilt--am sure it brought back happy memories of his family. Ugh on the reverse stitching--I am familiar with it. So wonderful you have a group to meet and share with

Janet O. said...

That is so frustrating to lose track of something you know must be there somewhere. Glad you found your blocks!
Oh, what a kind thing to finish that quilt for Buddy. I'll bet that is treasured!
Did I know you were using purple in your mystery quilt? Can't wait to see it!

Feathers in my Nest said...

Oh, you made this man very, very Happy! God Bless you Dear Vic.

Bonnie said...

It is so rewarding (and quite a bit of work) to finish someone else's quilt. I did one for a friend last spring. And, she loves it so much I don't think she wants to give it away to one of her relatives which I think was her original plan. I've still got the second half to do (I cut it apart so she could have 2 quilts...) The quilter was not terribly meticulous. It looks bright and cheery but the piecing was, um, how do I say it. Maybe there were hills in that thar quilt! But it is preserved and well loved now. Good for you for finishing off an old quilt. Buddy has a piece of his mother to remind him daily of her. Good Job Vic.

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