Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Everyday Riches

It's unusual, but I LOVE winter! We got cold, snow, and wind last night and I was out there this morning, in the fresh bright sunshine, sweeping diamond dust off of the cars so Felix could plow. Thank you,  Honey, for a great job on clearing our driveway!

Yesterday, at The Alton, New Hampshire Senior Center, we welcomed a new lady named Diane. She brought in her Mariner's Compass quilt to our show and tell session and we were all very  impressed!

Isn't this just gorgeous?

Bev, below, had brought in her machine and made great progress on her grandson's soccer tee shirts quilt. Looking good, Bev!

Sue, below right, had finished up the straight line quilting on her table runner for her daughter's house. She had asked me to give a brief coaching session on  machine stitching the binding onto the mitered corners. Sue has done this before and just needed a little reassurance that she was doing it right, and she was!

Joyce, seen above on the left helping with Sue's runner,  was busy with me as we both sewed on our Log Cabin blocks. We chomped a little chocolate, too!

It is truly a blessing to have dear friends who are far away as well as the geographically close ones as noted in the above pictures.

My dear friend, Grace, honored my fabric addiction with a gift certificate from Whittle's Fabrics.  Oooooo, what fun! Thank you, Grace!

I chose 2 yards of the Karen Styles, "Victoria Park" line for Somerset Patchwork by Marcus Brothers, and a nice bundle of Civil War backgrounds, too. Who could resist?

I was definitely thinking about pretty floral pillowcases with these and I'll have to keep them for myself with a name like that one on the selvage, LOL!

Imagine  my surprise when the same mailbox also held a delightful gift from Janet O. with her fabulous hand made herbal soaps! Wheeeee! Thank you, Janet! The gingerbread men exude a lovely scent of peppermint, mmmmm!

Technology is a wonderful tool that can keep us close to family and friends wherever they are. I'm so lucky to live in this age of friends both near and far.
Although I don't usually gamble, I felt so lucky that I actually bought a Powerball ticket for tonight. Why not? After all, I already consider myself  a big winner!

Happy quilting!


cityquilter grace said...

nice haul vic....and i heard some soaps are coming my way as well...yes indeed, we are blessed!

gayle said...

Well, you definitely have to hang on to something labeled 'Victoria Park'! It's clearly meant for you!
I, too, am thrilled to have technology to let me keep in touch with friends. And technology lets me make so many new friends, too!

Janet O. said...

I love winter, too, Vic. I can't imagine not having it.
How fun to have another quilter join your ranks--looks like a talented gal.
So fun that you found fabric named Victoria Park. You could take a permanent marker and fill in the rest. : )
Glad you like the soap.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Beautiful Mariners Compass quilt and a new quilter joins the fold

Wendy Caton Reed said...

I'm with you Vic, I love winter. And each time you post of all your wonderful antics together, it makes me want to move to Alton! Enjoy the snow!

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