Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Perfect Quilting Weather!

Sunday night I did JOT, or "Just One Thing" on my Barbara Brackman's sew along called, "Stars In A Time Warp".  Link. I decided to just sew the last remaining stack of 11 blocks into the 11th row.

After I did that, I felt motivated to push on a little further, so I sewed the last three of the rows into the top and got it completed!

It was snowing. I was unsure on the next morning if I would be daring enough to risk driving on the terrible roads to get to Ellen Peters' Studio to quilt it. But I did and I got there in one piece, figuratively and literally!

When I arrived, Ellen let me finish pressing my top while Nell, another quilting customer, finished quilting her very first ever top on the longarm. Isn't it lovely?

Soon Ellen, below, was hard at work, loading my top onto the big machine. Before quilting, it was 89" square.

Seeing the top all unfurled made me smile at seeing all the blocks that I had had such fun making.

Each block is a story of the fabrics used to elucidate Barbara Brackman's marvelous teachings about the specifics of Civil War reproduction quilting fabrics. I did the quilting in big freehand spirals.

After the shoveling that I'd done in the morning, the quilting was taxing on my muscles, but I was able to get it done in an hour and a half, yeay!!!

Soon Ellen was helping me to unload the quilted quilt. You can see that Judie Rothermel designed wide Civil War backing fabric on the upper roller bar. Before using it, I did prewash it and then dried it in my dryer.

I am thrilled with this quilt and I can't wait to get it bound. Thank you, Barbara Brackman!!!

This morning, the bitter arctic cold, driven by howling winds, could not stop The Sunshine Club from meeting in Alton, New Hampshire at the Senior Center.

Sue was assembling more of her Easy Hourglass blocks from the Jenny Doan video. Link.

Dianne, our newest member, had brought a beautifully made slice and dice quilt that she was binding.

I did a few rounds on the little log cabins but for all the chatting and fun and chocolate, I forgot to get somebody to take my picture for the blog!

When I got home, Miss Emma went out for her constitutional and then was ready for cuddling with quilts on the futon when she came back into the house. (The odd looking black thing sitting on the pillow sham is a much-loved chew toy from my latest trip to Marden's in Sanford, Maine).

Winter is wonderful with wonderful quilts!

Stay warm and quilt on!


straythreads said...

Your quilt is gorgeous!,,well done!

gayle said...

Oh, Vic, that Stars quilt is flat-out gorgeous!!

Janet O. said...

Glad you were able to travel safely.
That star quilt is wonderful! Very nice setting, Vic!
Miss Emma looks so cozy--I'm sure she appreciates her nice home with cuddly quilts and good people.

helen said...

Your star-quilt is really beautiful and I love the setting
you chose!
The hourglass-blocks help to unify the whole quilt but
present also each star for its own. Great work, love it!
Best wishes!

cityquilter grace said...

wow...that is gorgeous vic! super job! so good to have it done! half my stars are packed away so have to wait until they are all together....you have inspired me!

Wendy Caton Reed said...

OH, your quilt is lovely! Be sure to share it with Barbara as she will love it too.

Nann said...

Congratulations on the finish, Vic. It took you longer to make it than to quilt it!

R & E said...

Wow - this red quilt of yours is a beauty! adding the alternate hourglass blocks added MORE to it - GOoOoood JOBBBBB!!!

Watch out for shoveling - I am on the 4th week or body repair (chiro appts.) from shoveling, although at the time, I was really barely picking up the shovel - uh ohhhh, something felt like it was "tearing" ... yep, 4 weeks later, I am sort feeling OK, but was hurting for a LONG time! Dh had to wait on me for almost everything. Dr. said it was probably a long time coming, and the twisting of my body did me in. Please used caution with that shovel! Hey, when a person is at the chiropractor 9 times in a row, she can't be quilting!!!

Thanks for the visit today, to my blog. 8-)))

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