Saturday, May 6, 2017

Red Riding Hood Clone Quilt Progress

Just a quick check in of what's going on at the Friday Quilters at The Golden Gese Quilt shop. Here's Maureen with a first block for her Hunter's Star made using HST's like with Jenny Doan over at Missouri Star Quilt company.

As for me, I was sewing more than snapping pictures. I liked the Little Red Riding Hood quilt so much that I decided to make another one just like it.

I had already made the 30 blocks of 16-patches so I was just sewing them together on Friday.
Although the newer top is not an exact replica, the mood is the same with all of the scrappy Civil War 2½" squares.

You may observe that my hair is just as wild as before but it looks a little shorter after my Tuesday haircut, LOL!

Spring is still wonderful here but there certainly are a lot of rain showers in between the breaks of clouds and sun. Not much sun, but some sun makes me grateful to see it at all.

This is a branch of the rose nectarine tree that Felix planted over 20 years ago. Isn't it lovely?

Happy sewing!


Janet O. said...

How fun that you can clone Little Red! : )
Those flowers are very pretty. Do they have a scent?

Nann said...

When you like a pattern it's worth making again! Has your CW scrap stash diminished?

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