Sunday, May 14, 2017

Thursday Visitor

Just a few notes from the Senior Center last Tuesday; here is Mary showing her microwavable bowl potholders. Nice work, Mary!

We also enjoyed Meb's hand work on her small quilts.

Then on Thursday, Bella, Matthew's wife, came to visit with little 5 year old Giovanni, her son. He sure enjoyed playing with Miss Emma Lynne, my lady Labrador retriever. What fun!

The Spring sunshine was lovely but we needed our jackets.

Nice smile,Gio!

The alameda crabapple is just opening up and the forsythia bushes were gorgeous this year!

 Happy sewing to all!


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Spring is beautiful and welcome--flowering crab tress are especially beautiful

Janet O. said...

Giovanni is a cute little guy. I'll bet that was fun for him to be romping with Miss Emma.
Beautiful crabapple blossoms. Do they have any scent?

Nann said...

Love the photo of the crabapple blossoms with forsythia in the background. Quilt idea? Hmmm.

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