Thursday, May 18, 2017

Too Hot!

Tuesday's Sunshine Club at the Senior Center was filled with quilty fun! I gave a brief tutorial on binding a potholder to Mary. She and Meb were admiring all of Meb's candle mats.

They are all so pretty!

Sue was plugging away on her last batch of hip clips, a sleeve-fashion accessory that her granddaughter had been retailing.

As  for me, I worked on pressing my strip sets for the log cabin quilt border. I made five sets. Each one is made up of four or five strips of 2½" Civil War fabrics.

I tried laying out some of the log cabin blocks but soon discovered that their sizes are too uneven to use without a good trimming up session.
In the meantime, the very hot record-setting weather has brought the crabapple into full bloom!

There is a very subtle scent that just sort of smells like fresh laundry. Now, where are the bees?

 Stay cool and sew!


Robin said...

I used to love sitting under my blooming apricot tree and listen to the hummmm. Hope the bees show up soon.

cityquilter grace said...

nice photos....can see you are wearing your signature red too!

Gabriele said...

I am Gabriele from Germany and I love your blog. I like your quilts and how you're sewing this.
Wish you lots of fun und hope I can read a lot of postings from you.


Nann said...

Potholders are a project in the immediate future for me. The ones on hand are getting icky. Thanks for the reminder.

What is a hip clip?

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