Friday, May 13, 2011

Michelins and Missouri Stars

Although I was unable to post yesterday due to Blogger's servers being down, it was busy and productive. It was busy, as I was finally getting my noisy-but-necessary studded snow tires off my car and replaced with two brand new Michelins. I sat in the Stratham Tire Shop's waiting room thumbing through the newest Keepsake Quilting Shop's catalogue and enjoying its eye-candy. I had brought my knitting bag which had one of my French lavender sachets tucked into it. I was so glad. Tire stores STINK! But happily, I'm now road-worthy again with my 1989 Mercury Marquis. But I resent ANY money not spent on fabric. LOL!

Lordy! I went to take a picture to show you my new "Pink-walls", as opposed to white-walls, and just LOOK! A flat on the brand new tire! Sigh. I called them and they gave me a 10:30am appointment for tomorrow. But that means that Felix will need to change the tire. UGH! Friday-the-thirteenth, indeed!

It was productive because in a couple of sessions spent in the Quilt Cave down cellar, I managed to make four different Missouri Stars. I deliberately tried reversing the colors of the points on one just to see what would happen. Rectangles appeared! It was fun to try it, but it is my least favorite of them all.

At the front part of the driveway, I hung a new bird feeder in a low branch of the thornless Honey Locust tree that I planted here years ago. Off and on, I got visitations from two male goldfinches and one female. It was so hard to get their picture! Even with the camera on telephoto-setting, I couldn't get close enough to see them. If you look very hard at the left side of the feeder, you can just make out the olive color of the female.

On the last one, he is up in the tree, just above the road. Just a dot of yellow, but he's there! Just across from that sight is the tulip bed in its glory. It makes me think of the colors of the Carolina Christmas quilt that Bonnie Hunter did as her 2009 mystery.
Even the sandy edge of the road looks like her neutrals. I see the world in quilt-colored glasses!

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