Thursday, May 26, 2011

Warm Enough for Me!

My goodness! Here in New England, we say, if you don't like the weather, wait a minute! Today is sunny and warm with the 85 degree breezes blowing fresh air all about. It's a far cry from the 50 degree rains that had me dressing in layers with cotton turtlenecks.
When I get new quilting fabrics from my online suppliers, I like to prewash them. I used to do it in the washer with just a lil' Tide. And I still do that for pieces that are larger than one yard. But I have had some stockpiles of one yard pieces of bright reds, oh say, ten or twelve different ones. I swear that ALL reds bleed color!

So I've been doing just a few at a time in the big sink in the bathroom in hot water and Orvus. Then, I carry them sopping wet (in a bucket, so that they don't drip inside the house) out to my clothesline. They are so gay flapping in the breeze!

On May 30th, 1970, I got to marry my Husband Wonderful, Felix. We planned that day, which was traditional Memorial Day, so that wherever we were working, our anniversary would always be on the holiday. Little did we know that the government passed the Monday holiday law later that year. So this Memorial Day, we are celebrating 41 years of happy partnership.
We are going to plant red/white&blue perennial plants in the rock garden to enjoy our special day. And I think we will go out to our favorite Chinese restaurant, the Hong Kong Buffet, too. Here are pictures of the rock garden. Can you see that Felix has already planted the red English Daisey's? They are kinda hard to see near the big rock. The Dianthus will be the white, and the phlox will be the blue. I wish you could smell those lilacs in the background; they are heavenly!!!

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