Friday, May 20, 2011

The Process

Yesterday and today, I struggled with the "No Sunshine Blues" that all of the northeast is suffering for the past ten days or so. Everybody is depressed, irritable, or sleeping all day. When my husband, Felix's car door swung too wide and barely brushed against the mirror housing of the pick-up truck in the next parking space, the owner of the truck exploded in road rage! No damage was done and Felix apologized and even offered money, but the man was foul-mouthed and implacable. He finally shuffled away, grumbling.
I feel it too. I just can't seem to get enough energy together to have the ambition to do even the things that I enjoy. I'm eating way too many cookies.
But I tried the Union Square Block from Barbara Brackman's Civil War blog.
Here is my first attempt:

I was very unhappy with how little contrast I had achieved in the corners with the green and the brown prints, so, today, I tried again. I still had two more blocks worth of that same green already cut and ready to use. But I chose a deeper hued madder print and a deeper brown print, thinking that the darker tones in the corners would do the trick. Not so!
It's better, but that green is too strong! So I tried a completely different fabric set with an indigo and medium blue. AHHHHH, now that's what I wanted to see! I'm very pleased with the last one here:
They say that the world will end tomorrow. Maybe. But I remember when it was supposed to end when I was in Foxboro High School in the late 60's and I had a math exam scheduled for that day. The world did not end, and I still had the math test. Funny, I don't even remember if I passed it!
So I guess this post is all about just going through the process.

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