Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy May Day!

Since May first was a beautiful Spring day, I did a couple more blocks on Chain of Faith and then took myself out for a Sunday drive. I went to see an old friend, Peg Mastey at the Heritage Herb Farm over in Canterbury, which is two towns away. Peg has the loveliest handmade soaps and sachets in her shop in a fine old New Hampshire barn. She sells selected annuals and perennials but her plants are extra healthy and locally grown to be robust in this climate. But best of all, she will sit and chat with you and is a champion of the lost art form of conversation.
Because I knew that Peg loves antiques of all kinds and has a special fondness for old baskets, I took my recent ebay treasure for her to see. And on the drive over there, I had to pass by the Dawson Farm where Mrs. Dawson was selling cut daffodils for 25 cents a stem from a card table set up by the road. I bought two bucks worth to bring to Peg. Now, that is carrying coals to Newcastle! For Peg has lots of daffy's in bloom all about her acres by the Merrimack River. But I had guessed the truth. She does not CUT any for the table, LOL! So she was delighted to have some for her pretty vase.
She was also thrilled to inspect the old basket, too. Eastern Tennessee is supposed to be it's homeland of origin and Peg was amazed at the hand-drawn bentwood oak handle and the oak splints. She weaves baskets herself but said that she doesn't have the hand strength to weave oaken splints, even after they have been soaked overnight in water. Peg gave me her opinion that the basket is worth at least $75. Boy, that made me cheer! I had paid $20 with $10 in shipping fees.
I bought some pansies for my deck planters and a "Berries'n'Cream" scented mint plant. I wanted to buy one of Peg's reed baskets to take them home in the car. She was reluctant to sell me a basket, saying that I should sign up for a basket-making class. Finally, I got her to let me take one for $24, but I made sure that she signed it. Here is the new basket.

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