Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunny But Cool

It was chilly and windy today, in spite of the abundant sunshine. I did my 15 minutes of sitting in the sunlight to ward off Seasonal Affective Disorder, but wanted to be indoors for the warmth.

Today was definitely a goof-around day! I goofed around putting some sashings on the second row of Chain of Faith. I goofed around and made a new French lavender sachet. I goofed around making a few blocks of my gaggles of flying geese as leaders and enders. I goofed around making two purple string blocks. I even goofed around cutting out all the pieces for a little green & cream Missouri Star block from the Civil War blog of Barbara Brackman. When you add up all the goofing around, it was a good day!
I had a ball drifting from one project to another, almost like grazing. If I spend too much effort on only one goal, it gets stale and I get bored. Then it feels like drudgery. Goofing around is much more fun!

As you can see, I was just beginning to piece the Missouri Star when Felix hollered to me downstairs to come up for supper. I dropped it like the proverbial rock and headed upstairs for baked chicken legs and tortellini & cucumber salad. Yum! Now to watch Jeopardy!


Cheri said...

I hope you post a picture of your forsythia bush after it has bloomed. In the spring I always want to plant one but hesitate because I can't remember what they look like after it blooms and can never remember where I've seen them to check later. Planted flox once cause it is such a pretty bloom but hated it afterward. Your yellow is loverly!

Bonnie said...

Wow your forsythia is gorgeous. Ours are long gone and the iris is almost gone. Hum, I wonder what we have in the way of summer flowers besides the roses.

I am so with your on floating from project to project. I tend to work on two or three at the same time. I have to think a little harder but I do get things done so I can't complain to loudly. And, yes, it is exactly like grazing! Bonnie

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