Saturday, June 4, 2011

Canadian High!

A magnificent Canadian high pressure system has run in and swept away all the stagnant hot humid air and left us with bright fresh cool air!!!! We all feel so energized now! Here are some snapshots of the Black Forest Nursery where my sister, Anne, took me to buy a few annuals to pop in here and there. I also bought her one lovely Patricia Ann clematis that was in bloom to plant in memory of our dear departed sister-in-law.

This morning, in the mild 70 degree sunshine, Felix and I weeded out and planted the welcoming planter out front. He prizes his German everblooming irises that are in their glory right now.

In the planter, there are bright red petunias, cobalt blue lobelia, and all around the outer upper ring of the planter is a densely planted circle of my baby marigolds. I raised these from seed and they are the orange pygmy variety. Only the red petunias are visible right now, but I'll try to remember to take another picture later in the summer.

I also put together a few new Sister's Choice blocks. Here they are:

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